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  1. Dear all,

    Is it necessary to run the extnd/3x/Session.js agent with the option "run as web user" ?

    Because I'm using a secondary adress book for some external web users.

    Whenever a external...
  2. Hello,

    Concerning the creating of a response.
    Is it possible to refer of a form response's from an other database ?

    like this :

    formName :...
  3. Dear all,

    I tried to display a field with many lines (A,B,C and D) in a picklist dialog box but it's always displaying the first line "A".
    All others lines (B,c and D) are ignored .

    This is...
  4. Hello
    I had the same problam as you with Domino 8 + ext 2.2.
    I chaged the html code as bellow :

    <div id="file-grid"></div>

    And now the error message disapears.
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    Dear all,
    I'm using the viewsuggest function.

    But when i use some french carateres in myquery like
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    Dear all,

    Check the deign properties in your notes client for a form.

    When the design form is hidden for Notes , the action bar disapears in the web with extnd.
    And when you enable the design...
  7. dear all,

    Is it possible to display in javascript the unid of the select row of a uiview ?

    like this :

    unid = .... ;
    alert (unid);
  8. Dear all,

    I have 2 questions :

    Question A :
    I include this code : uioutline+ uiview

    this.ui = new Ext.nd.DominoUI({
    uiOutline : {outlineName: 'outlineX'},
    uiView :...
  9. Dear all,
    First thanks you for your interest.

    Problem : Using external databse link in an outline.

    Indeed I used Type="URL" . this is not working.Ok.
    So i tried with type="Named...
  10. Dear all ,

    I'm using in the standard demo extnd_b1.nsf this design page: "main.html".
    So, I entered an new entry in the "mainOL" outline to test it.
    This entry is a link to an other view in...
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