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    Are the licenses eligible for the upcomming Sencha Architect 3 update? :D
  2. I doubt it. I would use cascades.
  3. Are there any new versions of 2.3 to download? Also if I add the bb10.css in a project the clear icon for a number field appears above the field. If I just set the theme to BB10 and use the default...
  4. Do you have any idea how to update the firmware of a Dev Alpha device without activating it first? It wouldn't connect to any wifi. I know that after installing the newest firmware the Dev Alpha...
  5. Unfortunately it doesn't work. This would be the rest of the code... (shortened).

    Ext.define('App.view.View_1', { extend: '',

    requires: [
  6. Secha Architect:
    Version: 2.2.2 Build: 991
    Release Channel: 2.2.2-stable

    Sencha Touch:
    Now I use ST 2.3 and before that 2.2.1
  7. Thank you but that's what I see:

  8. I am using Sencha Touch. I cannot add a "matcher" that way to validate the format of a number field..
  9. Is there any trick in displaying text? I have Navigation view in a tab that after a button press pushes a different panel. Withing that panel I have fieldset and I want to display text in it but it...
  10. I am using it already but the backbutton looks like [/back ___ ] instead of [back/ ___ ] 8-|
  11. How can I make the buttons on the tabbar to stretch to full width of the bar or just make them wider?
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    I think they have said that they would end support for Dev Alpha B on June 30th but I don't understand what this means.
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    Do you have any idea how long will Dev Alpha B get software updates?
  14. How good is it? Even the "back button" does not look like "back button" on a device (only in Chrome) and the app is slow (on a device).
    Is it as slow as this on an iPhone, etc?
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    I hope they make some trade up later on for a keyboard device or better make an offer like that for a device with a keyboard.
  16. Add that file in Architect as a css resource.
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    Why do you care at all :))
  18. I have a navigation view inside a tab. My app is really simple but when I tap on a button, it takes 1-2 seconds before the transition to the next view occurs on a Z10 device, and sometimes it doesn't...
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    Does your approved app perform fine on a device? I find Sencha Touch annoyingly slow on a BB10 device.
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    Not yet!
  21. You have to include the stylesheet.
  22. Is it possible to add a "matcher" to a validator and also other options?
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