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  1. I have seen the same thing in my app. I worked around it by calling removeAll instead of setData when I get an empty array. If this is not a bug, it is annoying that they have decided to change the...
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    In my case, I had a loading mask showing on the parent container while the list was loading. Removing that mask fixed the blank list issue. Still looking into it for a work around.
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    90% of the time my lists show up as blank white space on my Android 4.04 device (emptyText is not shown, nor are items that are loaded into the list). It seems that anything that triggers a refresh...
  4. You guys are aware that this produces some odd side effects, right?

    Such as, it is hard to get a disclosure icon to align correctly in the first list item when the scrollDocked items are added to...
  5. Another issue with adding child components to lists:

    It appears they essentially get added to the first list item so when the first list item is selected, any component you have added to the list...

    Ext version tested:

    ST 2.1.0
    Browser versions tested against:

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