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  1. A little performance improvement could be skipping the process if the container is hidden or collapsed:

    listeners: {
    resize: function(me){
    if(me.isVisible() &&...
  2. I solved this way:

    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
    layout: {
    type: 'table',
    tableAttrs: {
    style: {
    height: '100%',
  3. I have the same problem, and I can't find a solution...
    For example, I want the four child elements to take all the vertical space avaiable:

    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
    layout: {...
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    Something like this (I haven't implemented yet the events):

    Ext.create('', {
    fields:['name', 'email', 'phone'],
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    I can see that taphold is a dom event, so I have to teach the view to listen to every child taphold event and fire it back to the grid with the selected element...
    A not-so-easy work...

    I could...
  6. With editable false I can still change the value of the field using the dropdown menu, and I really want a readOnly field, not editable in any way by the user.

    Adding autoLoad to the store doesn't...
  7. I have found a possible bug: if I create a combobox readOnly with a value and a remote store, when forceSelection is enabled the store isn't loaded, therefore the value is considered invalid. The...
  8. Ok, cool, but 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 are for paid support members only...
    We have a commercial license, but not the support...
  9. I've noticed that with IE11 grid headers doesn't display correctly.


    Internet Explorer:

    The same problem appears on the sencha docs examples, so it isn't my code...
  10. I just created a fresh test project and the behaviour is right, so I don't know what to think... In both projects I deleted the "MyCrispTheme" element, using the standard crisp-touch theme, and I...
  11. Ext.grid.feature.Grouping (and therefore Ext.grid.feature.GroupingSummary) has a bug when startCollapsed is active and the grid store has no grouper configured.
    Grid data is grouped by an unknown...
  12. On my application, developed with Sencha Architect 3.1.0 build 1934, the *-touch themes (neptune-touch and crisp-touch) have strange behaviours, like the css is wrong.

    Here is a window with crisp...
  13. I'm testing with Firefox, the OPTIONS Preflighted request is always sent, when sent with Ext.Ajax.request is rejected, when sent with XMLHttpRequest is accepted.
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    ExtJS5 is supposed to be a framework working both on web and mobile.
    Obviously, with a touch screen, you don't have a "right click" button, but I know in Android the long touch works like a right...
  15. I've already tried, it doesn't affect the code at all, except if you're using IE8 or above, using an XDomainRequest object instead of XMLHttpRequest.
  16. Am I wrong, or ExtJS 5.0.2 isn't still avaiable?
  17. I've created a line chart with numeric values, I think it's a really common case, but I can't get the numeric axis to work right, it still shows values from 0 to 1, when store values are from 2.7 to...
  18. I'm developing an application who interacts with google calendar, I wrote this call, that doesn't works:

    url: '' +...
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    Hello everybody,
    I was trying to generalize the tips for the charts series for ExtJs 4.2.
    For "generalize" I mean creating a renderer for the tip that doesn't know the field related to the focused...
  20. Yes, that one was a really good extension, I used it a lot.

    ExtJS 4 stores had multiple field grouping, therefore it was only necessary to extend the grid to reach the goal.
    Now ExtJS 5 stores...
  21. Is there any plan to port this wonderful plugin to ExtJS 5?
  22. If I set an explicit column headers height, when resizing a column header the view doesn't sync column's body width.

    You can see it on this example:

    Ext.create('', {
  23. When you use a state provider, grid's nested columns starts working wrong.

    var cp = Ext.create('Ext.state.CookieProvider', {
    path: "/cgi-bin/",
    expires: new Date(new...
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    I reviewed the components and now the build ends right, but Architect still tells me my Publish Path is invalid:

    2:18:38 PM
    "C:/Users/m.napetti/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" app build testing
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    Hello everybody,
    I'm stuck with mi migration from SA2 to SA3, after my problems described in this yesterday's thread:...
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