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  1. Thank you.I actually have all of that working. My problem is that the background color for the fieldset isn't showing.I think if I can make it transparent then that will do the trick.I also think if...
  2. I can only change the color around the rounded corners, i.e. outside of the fieldset.

    items: [ {
    xtype: 'fieldset',
  3. OK I should add that the buttons have margins.
    The point is that I have to change the whitespace within the fieldset to a different color.

    I think its a hierarchy thing now so I will try using...
  4. Can someone please tell me how to do the following? I've been stuck for a while and not making progress.

    I have buttons inside a fieldset. I would like the space around the buttons to be a...
  5. Can you please explain how to do this?

    Can anyone confirm if this is the correct solution?
  6. Thanks for clarifying :)

    I found the issue now.. turns out the server wasn't sending the correct response.

    Much Appreciated!!

  7. Thanks for the response. It doesn't work still.

    What I notice is that when I load the store data, inside architect, then I can't see the nested data.

    I have tried with autoload = true and also...
  8. Hi there, really stuck on this, seen quite a few threads on this, but still not working.

    I need to read the coverImageURL from nested JSON data... ie. using the...
  9. I think I fixed this by installing command 3.0
  10. Would very much appreciate some help on this.. I have seen a lot of people with the same issue and everyone seems to have different answers. I'm very new to sencha touch so would appreciate your kind...
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