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  1. Hi ,
    I have task viewer running on each page in the bottom, which needs to be reloaded every 20 sec.
    And I got the code working fine with "Ext.TaskManager.start", but when user is doing some...
  2. hi,

    No , not as row in Store, but Need to assign to one of the Field in STORE to "rolesIds"

    thank you !!
  3. hi,
    I have store "STORE1"with fields

    and I have Code which selects roles from the grid
    var roleIds = [];
    for (var i = 0; i <...
  4. Where should this code snippet to be placed?

    var task_start = {
    run: function(){
    scope: this,
  5. Replies
    I am also trying to find a way to auto Refresh my grid rows in some interval,

    I see you have code snippet, but where is it suposed to be called from ?
    Where should we defing reference to store?
  6. Thank you for checking out and trying this example,

    Wonder if .css classes are not recognized, but I do see they are loaded in Chrome (developer tools).
    There is no change in configuration or...
  7. This is how my code with css looks like and now it is not showing the template effect, as though templates does not exist, the same functionality worked before with 4.0 and not working with 4.1
  8. This is how my templates look like and it was working fine and now all of a sudden these are not working with new extjs version? what changed.. ? and how can I get it fixed?

    var lineTpltemp = new...
  9. I am not very clear how we can accomplish that.

    I tried to select cell by putting option "selType : 'cellmodel',"

    But How can I just highlight value in Cell and extract the value, for eg. I...
  10. I have rows with of this format with 2 columns with 1 of the column have multiple information
    ["operation1", "info1, info2, info3" ]
    ["operation2", "info1, info2, info3" ]
  11. I tried getScroll() for element and it is always 0,0, even though element position is getting changed and scroll bar is moving up and down.

    And isVisible() for all element is comming as true...
  12. This is the code which i am trying implement.


    and I am trying to find next diff or previous...
  13. I have hbox layout with ext.compoenent xtype, which show set of text rows being added using templates. How would I retrieve current viewable row?
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