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    I'm glad you are not experiencing this behaviour! But a link to that source code (I can't find anything similar to your screencast in Ext examples) or some kind of indication about where I should...
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    I found that if the list has a vertical scroll bar, the items that are hidden initially can't be drag and dropped; I actually found that the startDrag event is not triggered at all.
  3. because i don't know how to do that! :( the nodes are created automatically by (i guess) the treeloader. As i said, i tried to apply the behaviour i want in the treeloader 'load' event, with no...
  4. Hi!

    I seem to be missing some basic concepts from tree rendering, because i'm trying to do the most basic thing, and it's not working.

    I have a tree with async nodes. When i expand a node, i...
  5. yes! actually I've looking for an opportunity to start using the history component :)

    The card layout seems to fit my needs, thank u all
  6. my idea is having a 'Back' button in every current 'screen', but you seem to see a problem in this, which is it?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply!

    The window method, i thought of it, but by now won't try it because the application has actually 6 screens (and probably more as development advances). I'm not sure if...
  8. Hello,

    I have to make an application that mimics the navigation behaviour of a typical desktop app. this means having one 'screen' for each part of the applications. All the examples I've seen so...
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    Thanks!!! That was it! (I may say it's a bit obscure, though ;))
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    I'm just trying to emulate a traditional combobox in one form; by traditional I mean i just want a field that when clicked shows a predefined list of values, no typing is possible and no...
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    My application needs the same as yours, i.e. letting the user sort 'things' and update this order on the server. Browsing and re-browsing i found this:
    (you need to...
  12. If I use a table layout with one column, the buttons appear one above the other, and i want them centered and vertically separated. Probably there's a clean way of doing this with styles, but i have...
  13. I'm afraid that using a container is not working:

    var panelBotones = new Ext.Container({
    layout: 'absolute',
    //frame: false,
    width: 85,
    height: 350,
    autoEl: {},
  14. Why 'obviously'? Actually it looks better when i add the buttons as child elements; as footer buttons, there's some automatic left padding added...
  15. ok! so i guess i have to put the each button into a panel and then add them to the main panel.

    Thanks a lot!!
  16. Hello,

    I'm trying to do something really simple, render a panel with two buttons positioned one over the other, with some blank space between. Here's the code:

    var panelBotones = new...
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    remove the


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    your solution works well for having radio buttons on the same line. but when i submit the form, and there's a validation error at the server, it is not displayed on the radio buttons. I've tried with...
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