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  1. Wow, i just had .getAt(0). Ok it works now. Thanks alot!
  2. Ok. Problem with that though is that it returns an object. How would i get the console to just return the email data?
  3. Great! that helped alot. one more thing, i would like the console to print the value of the email field. here is my code.

    Ext.define('demo.controller.Login', { extend: '',
  4. Hi, i would like to get a value from my store using a controller but i have been getting errors.
    here is my model

    Ext.define('demo.model.User', {
    extend: '',

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    How do you add a button to a tab bar?
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    I am trying to display an overlay when i click on the settings tab in the tab panel. I managed to get the overlay to show once the settings tab is clicked the only problem is that when i click the...
  7. where can i find this PATH variable? and do i just type in java.exe to the field?
  8. Did you figure this out?
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