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  1. Hi Scott,
    I found the error , it was a my mistake.
    There was defined an event (selectionchange on Dataview) in an other part of my code that was fired when I try to "reload" .
    Thanks a lot for...
  2. Hi Scott,
    yes sorry, you have right.
    So I changed :

    onReloadview: function(view) {
    active = view.getSelectionModel().getSelection()[0];

  3. Hi ,
    I am trying to refresh a Dataview after removed a record but doens't work.
    Give me this error:

    record is undefined
  4. No , normaly just to be faster I try the code localy ( double click ) and if there aren't use of stores it works fine.
    OK , I tried to move it on web server and it works.
    With the previous version...
  5. Yes, but when you double click on designer.html , does it work fine ?
  6. Sure.
    It is very simple , because I was working in a more complex one and got that error.

    "name": "newsletter.xds",
    "settings": {
  7. Sorry,
    I have just updated at 1.2.2 ( Build 48 ) and exported a simple project( Just a FormPanel with a textFiled) and gave me the same error:
    c is not a constructor

    some idea?

  8. Great , Thanks skirtle
  9. If you see the example , when the mouse go over the patient view the overItemClass doesn't work.

    The same eample in...
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