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    I'm experiencing this issue with Sencha Touch 2.1.1
  2. Hi,
    I have a Sencha Touch 2.0.1 app running here:
    I'm having trouble populating the dataview store when users click the "Top 20" button in the bottom tab bar.

    Here's the...
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    I used to develop sencha applications in Linux. Now I have a mac. My development process hasn't changed at all. It's completely possible to develop sencha touch apps without the SDK tools. I use the...
  4. Yeah -- same problem when element isn't set.
  5. I'm trying to capture the blur event on a search field. It works on my laptop in Chrome but not on the device when I click the 'Done' button in the on-screen keyboard. What's going on? I'm using an...
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    Well basically... duh what am I thinking. Singletons require special attention to be overridden, since only one can be instantiated.

    What I ended up doing is just copy and pasting the whole class....
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    I'm trying to override to just call $.jsonp via the jquery-jsonp extension ( because it has error handling. When I try to extend
  8. Is this fixed in ST2-beta3? I'm still having this issue on iOS in beta3, presumably because there is no <form> around the search input.

    edit: nevermind, I didn't realize the search field needs to...
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    According to the beta-2 changelog, this made it in the release: [TOUCH-1771] Fixed applyStyles error and cleaned up some regex caching

    But for me the override is still necessary when using beta 2....
  10. I just upgraded to ST2 beta 1, and I'm getting an error in my app, but the cause is hard to trace:

    NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8

    I know this is vague, but hopefully someone else has a similar...
  11. I ended up fixing it by just extending Ext.Button and using the extended class. I couldn't get Ext.overrides to work... strange.
  12. Hey,
    Thanks for fixing it. That override code doesn't seem to be overriding the tap for me... I put some log messages in the doTap function that aren't getting called.
  13. Here's a test case to see the behavior I'm talking about:

    viewport: {
    layout: {
    type: 'hbox',
    align: 'middle'
    defaults: {
  14. iOS 5.0.1. I'll try to put together a test case. Maybe it's related to something else going on in my app as well.
  15. I have a searchfield that's getting focused on my iPod Touch (not on chrome on my desktop) when I call setWidth() on it. It's annoying because it causes the on-screen keyboard to appear. This started...
  16. Hello, I have a store that contains lots of nested data like this:

    screen_shot_images: Array[4]
    0: Object
    MyApp::Image: Object
    alt_text: "iPhone Screenshot 1"
  17. I would look at window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight and infer the orientation from there.
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    Have you read this document?!/guide/class_system
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    How can the developers give us a release date when they themselves don't know? Let's stop bothering them.
  20. I would also like to be able to set animation to false. Right now I get an error with .setReverse().

    I've seen some weird problems with setting it to type: 'slide', duration: 0, so for now I'm...
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    I have a container with a card layout set up with the sliding animation. Every time I call setActiveItem() on it, it slides left. I'd like it to reverse the slide animation depending on which child...
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    Hey anthoang,
    I ended up doing what you suggested -- making each row a separate table. It works out just fine :). The DOM is slightly bigger but whatever.
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    Say I have a DataView like this...

    Ext.create('Ext.DataView', {
    id: 'myData',
    itemTpl: '<tr class="dataRow"><td>{someData}</td></tr>',
    store: someStore
  24. Hello,
    I have a panel that I want to put an Ext.Image in. I've tried this:

    xtype: 'image',
    src: 'images/logo.png',
    height: 300,
  25. Oh cool! I tried that but I missed the call to this.callParent(). I was trying the old style type thing.
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