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  1. This can be closed. The issue turned out to be that an earlier non-functioning version of the included js file was being cached along the network. Once I was able to actually get the above file to...
  2. All,
    I used the example at I edited it to the code below:

  3. Excellent. That was it.

  4. I have narrowed it down to the following:

    var browser = checkBrowser();

    function checkBrowser()
  5. // LC i18n: Moved all embedded UI strings out of this js file. JavaScript
    // variables are now created in's addJavaScriptScholarOneStrings()
    // and are included prior to including this...
  6. I got some time to get back to this. It seems, if I include our custom JS file (has some common functions that we use through out our site, time out, window popups, etc) this error occurs.

  7. I had hope that my typo was the cause.

    Thanks however.

  8. I am unsure what you mean by invalid. I have since tried many other examples I have found around the web, always with the same result. No display, and the noted error.

    Could you expand on why...
  9. I am looking at setting up JS into a legacy app (Jboss, java, jsp) and am trying a few basic examples. I am using the below simple example:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    Ext.regModel('Teams', {...
  10. I am looking for any documentation/examples on how to add Ext GWT to an existing mature J2EE application. We currently have two products on the market, and we used Ext GWT (we being the development...
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