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  1. That's fine by me.

    Best regards,
    Jean Marie
  2. Hi again,

    i have a question on PHP Session Handling.

    I have extended my Ext.Direct apllication ( with a session handling on PHP backend side.
  3. 100% ;-). I got it.

    I tried it without specifying the namespace on server side within the PHP stack implementation and than it works like the documentation example.

    But i would prefer the...
  4. Thanks, using the defined namespace makes sense and works!

    When i
    console.log(;Firebug tells me:

    I ran into this error because i followed the official Ext.Direct description...
  5. Hi,

    i'm exploring Ext.Direct and stumble when calling the API actions in JavaScript. I'm using this PHP stack

    On server side i have coma_api.php...
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