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  1. Be carefull while defining proxy on model. When you define it on model classes and set an extraParam on the proxy. All Stores that use this model will be affected.

    If I were you, I would define...
  2. I think Ext JS combo has no responsibility for this, and this is a backend solution. You will need to tell you backend to select and return the record you want at the first page always. Them you...
  3. Here is a fiddle that show a same problem when chart height is set to 230 or lower.

    bug? normal behavior?
  4. any fix? override. This problem still exist in
  5. I have this problem with Ext JS and this override does not work for me. I have added 6.0.3 to compatibility config but nothing.Sencha Any workaround for 6.0.3?
  6. Oh yes, I really fat fingered 'llisteners'. but is not the case, haha. as you could see, the issue really exists for gauge charts and Pie too (Pie >> when only one serie is visible)

    my workaroug...
  7. any fix?
  8. Can't use the Ext.chart.plugin.ItemEvents plugin for gauge chart or pie chart with one visible serie.

    See the fiddle
  9. any override for classic toolkit
  10. Any override for classic toolkit?
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    Thank you
  12. Replies
    Maybe next 60 days to release? Modern toolkit only?
  13. What Ext JS 6 version does this override apply?

    6.0.0 6.0.1 or 6.0.2?
  14. Thanks you!
  15. Some news!!!!Mitchell Simoens said, that a calendar component will be released under Ext JS 6.1 for classic and modern toolkit.
  16. Mitchell Simoens, Can you tell us when Ext JS 6.1 will be released? not exactly the public date, but how many months or days to wait for.
  17. Any date for 6.0.3 release? Thanks.
  18. override?
  19. how to use font-awesome package in Ext JS 5.1?
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    According to Sencha Roadshow. I think ES6 will be better supported at end of Year. Maybe next Ext JS major version.
  21. I have this override and seems to work for me until now.

    Ext.define('', {
    override: '',
    sync: function (options) {
    var me...
  22. Any news? Override? Fix? Workaround?

  23. Any news? Fix? Override?Workaround?

  24. any override for this bug? I have this same problem with Ext JS 5 and 6
  25. I also agree. They are 2 different sections and really need have a way to disable treelist scrolling. Does Sencha has some feature request or plans to improve treelist and the admin-dashboard...
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