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  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to find a quick way to set a default event handler for all components of a certain type that I create. For example, I want to set a default event handler for the "change" event...
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    I'm thinking about making a component if necessary and thought I would check here first to see if something similar exists, I haven't been able to find anything through searching.

    I'm using ExtJS...
  3. This is a modification of the row editor example here:

    The example there lets you edit all of the fields in the grid. My...
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    It may have been something like that, although the page is using HTML4 strict instead of XHTML. I worked around it by splitting up the HTML tags, e.g.:

    this.responseTpl = new...
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    I think I found the problem, but I have no clue what this means.

    Using Opera Dragonfly, I opened the source for the Javascript file that contains the code to add the misbehaving panel. This is...
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    I've got a custom component which includes a template to render the data. If I use the default template I have defined in the class, then everything works fine. If I define a slightly...
  7. This has been fixed. The problem was caused by the presence of a field called "length", which in IE was conflicting with the form.elements.length property. Another nice little "gotcha" for IE...
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    It looks like the image has a background-image specified in CSS. If you remove the background image from the CSS class you shouldn't see the tiling underneath. You may need to create a new class...
  9. It definitely sounds feasible. It might be as easy as updating the minHeight on resize every time the new height is greater than minHeight.
  10. Hello,

    I've been looking into this problem for a while and I'm stumped, so I figured I would ask for help.

    I've got a pretty large application (~700kb minified), and there's this one form where...
  11. I've been having this problem also, my application is based around a group tab panel and everything was working fine with ExtJS 3.0. When I upgraded to 3.2 the dynamic adding stopped working, with...
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    The company I work for, TraCorp, produces custom online training courses. We've had our own learning management system (LMS) for several years, but about 2 years ago with customer funding we were...
  13. No I haven't had a chance to download 2.3 yet, I'll try to do that this afternoon and see what happens.
  14. Test Case:

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
    <title>Menu Item Bug</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  15. Maybe this should be a bug report instead:

    Using Ext.destroy on a menu item does not remove the item from the menu. It does, however, remove the click handler.
  16. I've been able to verify that the non-working menu item does not in fact have a listener defined for the click event, the click event's listeners array is empty. I'm at a loss to explain why, I've...
  17. I'm not sure how to best explain this, but I've got 2 installations of an application where one piece of code is working in one and not in the other. This is the same code running on two different...
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    I think I figured out why the scrollers aren't showing up, but I don't know why Ext is calculating things the way it is.

    I added this line to the TabPanel.autoScrollTabs method in ext-all-debug:
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    I've got an application that contains a tabpanel inside of a border layout. We've had several installations of the application running for a while and everything is working fine. With a recent...
  20. Hmm.. with layoutConfig it stacks the boxes vertically and doesn't set the height, but it seems to work correctly with just layout.
  21. That should just be layout instead of layoutConfig, right?

    Right, but I'm explicitly setting the heights on the grids. It did size one of them correctly in Firefox, but not all 3. It sized all...
  22. Thanks. Just to be clear, the solution is to use an hbox layout with stretch, right, it shouldn't make any difference whether they're declared as variables or inline, correct?

    I'll check out the...
  23. I've got a column layout with three grids with the same heights set, but in Firefox (I'm using 3.0.11) they're each getting rendered with a different height. One is 30px shorter than another, and...
  24. Ah of course, it was ambiguous what the new operator was referring to. Thanks.

    Apparently because my observational powers are weak.
  25. Hello,

    I've got a grid set up like this, the store starts with no data (records get manually added by the user).

    xtype: 'grid',
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