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  1. It seems that I've found solution. I've extended PagingLoadingConfig iterface and also PagingLoadConfigBean class. Ans used them instead of standard paging configs. To allow PagingToolBar to use my...
  2. Colin,

    Thanks for your reply.

    But I've got one more problem with the approach you've described:

    what can I do with PagingToolBar? This class has a method bind(PagingLoader<PagingLoadConfig,...
  3. I've created a tree grid, set up pagination. Grid was created on a base of HttpProxy, I have to communicate with server using JSON.

    When grid loader loads grid data it passes PagingLoadConfig...
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    Thanks Sven.

    A bit unexpected but it works.

    Could you please help me with one additional problem:

    I'm adding combobox data to the store. After it I need to make the first item selected....
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    Is there another way to execute some logic right after user has changed ComboBox value? I've got ComboBox and Grid on my page and I need to refresh Grid data every time user changes ComboBox...
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    Could you please advice me how can I use paging on the base of DataRecordJsonReader and HttpProxy classes from Ext GWT 3.0 beta1. Here is what I'm trying to do using Explorer Demo samples of JSON...
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