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    When dragging the window itself, its contents aren't shown during the drag.

    Maybe something that is hiding the contents during the window-drag has an side-effect on the dragging of the item inside...
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    I'm trying to drag some divs, that I've created as childs of an Ext.Window.

    I'm following more or less the DnD Tutorial here.

    Everything is fine beside that during the drag operation the...
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    I'm trying to add a <div> as a click target to open some ColorPicker window.

    But somehow the onclick event is not getting through?
    The included html file demonstrates the behavior.

  4. Great, thanks!

    Is there a way to have one text aligned to the fieldlabels and one aligned to the field itself?

    So we have:

    label1: [............]
    text1: justplaintext
    label2: ...
  5. Hi,

    as I moving slowly forward, some more questions arise.

    I create a window and add a tree on the left and a formpanel.
    That formpanel gets two fieldsets, these I would like to have arranged...
  6. Hi,

    I'm still trying to figure out how Ext works, so is this question is too stupid, pls forbear with me.

    I'm add to a FormPanel two textfields as its items. Now I would like to have inserted...
  7. ok, ic.

    Misinterpretation of layout:'fit', thought that would arrange this window around its items.

    Thanks again!

  8. Yeah, that I've understood.

    But why is this creating that strange stretched window in the browser?

    // create the Grid
    var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
  9. it works! Fantastic!

    That listener config option does the trick. Thank you. =D>

  10. attached is a zip with a test.html and a test.js, they expect the ext-2.0 folder in the same directory.

    The JS is reduced to creating a toolbar, the menu button and the show_select function.
  11. the function is called by the handler of a toolbar menu button.

    new Ext.Toolbar.MenuButton({
    text: 'Select', handler: show_select
  12. it is the function argument

    function show_select(item){

    it looks like some chicken-egg problem, the grid needs something to render to - the window we don't have yet.
    But passed as...
  13. doing this leads to the JS error this.grid has no properties

    If I comment out now grid.getSelectionModel().selectFirstRow() too,
    only the window, streched over the whole width of the screen is...
  14. Hi,

    I'm trying to display a grid inside a window that's created upon a menu item selection.

    With that code below I get an JS error 'ct has no properties'. Any idea what's wrong?

  15. I'm getting an Internal Server Error when trying to dl

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