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  1. i solved it by switching the new app.json file with the old one.
    The new one had stuff like "<<<<<<<" and "======" in it that was throwing the Errors
  2. my app.json is also broken. can you please post a solution?
  3. found the Solution. The Json Response given was invalid even though i checked but i guess somthing went wrong from my side.
  4. i am trying to get data from mysql as json to a nested list in Sencha Touch. Only Problem is i get this Error and dont know why:

    fields containing utf-8 signs appear as null. DB is...
  5. using nighly 2.3 but problem still occurs
  6. hey man how did you change it?
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    what error appears?
  8. Have u solved it yet?
  9. have u had luck?
  10. has anyone tried just using itemTpl withouth the listConfig? that should work.
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    it gives me Syntax Error when trying to build native.
    Dont see any and jslint doesnt see any where the prob schould be
    line 245
  12. have to sign with jarsigner after building native with sencha and the generated key:

    $ jarsigner -verbose -sigalg MD5withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore my-release-key.keystoremy_application.apk...
  13. do u mean putting the tpl in a var before the define and calling it in then?
  14. ah got it. what a shame i missunderstood the use of fullscreen since 2010...
  15. i have my main panel like this:

    Ext.define("Wickelplaetze.view.Main", {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'mainpanel',

    config: {
    tabBarPosition: 'bottom',
  16. Hi,

    in the newest Sencha 2.1 from 6.11.2012 when your panel has fullscreen true, the tab icon and name are not shown. it gets a custom style visibility:hidden.
  17. So do you Think its a CMD Bug?
    Have you tried creating the Key with Eclipse and then using that Key?

    I might try it this Week, but If you get to do it First pls let me Know.
  18. same thing. is it a st bug or our mistake with creating the key?
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    no itsmore like this: but my java_home is set to the jdk:

    [echo] ----------
    [echo] Handling BuildConfig class...
    [buildconfig] Generating BuildConfig class.

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    ruby compass and sass are installed but i still get the same error
  21. true u can only use navigator.geolocation when you r using Ext.device.Geolocation not Ext.util.Geoloaction
  22. have you tried to do that with a listener or something like that?
  23. Make sure your Google API link in the Index.html file is first and not after the micro... stuff.
    That should make it work
  24. well since u have the url you can use that as your src in an image tag
  25. same with me.. is your certificate correct?
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