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  1. Case closed, it's my fault, I had a false value in build-impl.xml
  2. I'm using it with Sencha Touch 2.1
  3. There you go:!/guide/command_app
  4. I'm using Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250 on OS X.

    When I run sencha app build testing the output says:

    Processed local file app.js
    Minified app.js

    According to the docs, build testing should not...
  5. Unfortunatelly it's an iOS-Bug. iOS 6 is caching the Ajax requests:

    You can fix it server-side by editing the...
  6. Replies
    My App was working fine with iOS 5.

    Since I've upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 6, my App crashes (memory warning in the log). Other users with iOS6 are also experiencing the same issue.

    Is there a...
  7. I've disabled the carousel switch while the image is zoomed because the previous code doesn't work as expected.

    My solution:

    onDragStart: function (e) {
  8. You have to add the following code to your Carousel component:

    onDragStart: function (e) {
    var scroller = this.getActiveItem().getScrollable().getScroller();
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