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  1. No, i don't have any messages in my console.
    I've put all the requires needed into app.js
  2. up :)
  3. It seems i got the same issue

    Do you find the answer ?
  4. Ok, thanks for your help anyway, hope someone else can help me :)
  5. It's not a commercial project at all, i just want to put it in production because it's faster to load (too many js files).

    I'm sure i use the GPL version because on my Sencha SDK'folder, in...
  6. Thanks for that fast answer.

    I'm currently use 2.1 GPL version.
    Do you mean that i need to buy the Sencha Complete to do that ?

    PS :...
  7. Hi,

    like the title says, i've got an issue when i build my app for production.
    When i build it, there is no Errors (only green infos) so everything seems to go well.
    But when i open my app...
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