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  1. There doesn't seem to be a 2.1 forum yet, so I'll post this here. My question is regarding the data binding Grid -> Form example. This functionality is GREAT! However, I have grids which have edit...
  2. I'm honestly not sure what that means. Is there a better way I should be writing my applications then? I've been trying to follow best-practices examples that I've found to bring something of a set...
  3. Hi all,

    I've written the code below, but for some odd reason I just can't get it to call - the function that's defined at the top. I have the alert in there just to...
  4. Fair enough! Thanks for the advice - I'll plan things that way.
  5. Well, the data was going to go into 4 different store to be used at different points through the app. I just kinda figured there would be a little bit of performance savings on the server side if it...
  6. Hi all,

    To save on resources, I've decided to package 4 different things together in one JSON file returned by the server. It looks something like this:

  7. Well, that totally worked! Hopefully we can get that patch into the next distro. And, to ditto Mystix, congrats on being part of the support team!
  8. On IE7, toolbars that are defined as hidden produce a space when rendered. Here's example code, some extra stuff has been removed that is not relevant. It renders correctly in FF2. This effects Ext...
  9. Thanks tryan, but I'm don't pass any variables in show() calls.
  10. What was the CSS you changed? And, could you provide a before and after shot? That might help the Ext guys track this bug down.
  11. Hi all, this is a complete and utter long-shot, but it can't hurt to ask, right? Basically, I've got a few thousand lines of code, someone went through the code and formatted the spacing of things to...
  12. That working like a CHARM!!! Here's my finished code. You might also be interested to see that I was able to put it into the TreePanel declaration instead of after-the-fact. THANKS AGAIN!

  13. I found the solution to this problem on another thread - and it work's PERFECTLY!

    Solution: Pre-define the Toolbars, then use toolbar.hidden=true....
  14. Still no luck. Unless I'm not applying it to the right thing. I applied it to the center region of the viewport. Was that right?

    Here's all the code so far that doesn't seem to work:

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    And I thought the word "marquee" was now banned from the internet!
  16. Always pushing me to explore things I know nothing about :) I'll give it a shot though and see what I can come up with. But, if you happen to run across that code....... :)
  17. I tried syncSize() (this seemed to be the only method that had anything to do with recalculating size) but it didn't work.

    What about my other way of doing things - is there a way to specify that...
  18. Simple question: How can I configure the accordion so that multiple sections can be open. I want each one almost independent. I did see the plug-in that lets you pin sections so they always stay...
  19. *accidentally bumps thread*
  20. Hi all,

    For my center panel in a border layout, I want to add the Top and Bottom toolbars, but I want the initially hidden. I can't seem to find an option for this, but it might be because I'm I'm...
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    I use Crimson Editor ( - it's free text-editor with some nice features - and it's a few years old.

    Other than that, IE6, IE7, Firefox, Firebug, and Zend Studio.
  22. I have a related question. Basically I wanted to have an 'east' panel added only sometimes. So, since I can't add it dynamically, I've gone ahead and added it, set collapsed:false, and disabled it.
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    Do you mean that you have a collapsible panel and instead of it collapsing UP (rolling up) you want it to collapse DOWN (roll down)?

    AFAIK, I don't think this is possible. The API says that the...
  24. fixing the CSS I got the Hover to work, and by putting the DataView into a Panel I got the scroll to work.

    The only thing that's left is selecting. Here's my updated code:

    win = new...
  25. Actually, I think I know what to do...I'll let you know how it goes.
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