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  1. It closes the sencha animator and then I get the usual mac crash dialog.
    No I don't get the crash message through sencha animator. I'm on OSX Lion. So, it displays the usual mac crash dialog.
  2. Sencha Animator is crashing every time the file dialog is opened. I have all the files saved on an external server. I think its having trouble going to the recent folder and crashing. Im using sencha...
  3. Actually i fixed it. All I had to do was open up Font book and I saw there were some warnings on some fonts saying that they were duplicates. I fixed them by turning the duplicates off and now it...
  4. Hi There,I am still having this issue. My Sencha Animator keeps crashing every time I quit the app. So, It never gets closed properly. Do you want me to send you or post the crash reports here? I am...
  5. Great. It worked.

  6. Hi there,

    The texts for the labels on the property panel are not appearing on OSX Lion. I am using Sencha Animator Version 1.1 Build 86. Here is a screenshot of it below.


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