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  1. Hi everybody,

    i just built a FormPanel into a Menu, which actually works fine:

    items: [new Ext.form.FormPanel({
  2. OMG! \:D/ It's so easy, thank you, NightAvatar! I don't know why my little brain didn't come up with that solution... ;)
  3. Hey Venkateswara Rao,
    i run into the same problem with my application. Have you solved it?
    Greets Martin
  4. Hey, i have the same problem in my application, but i can not solve it by using a tabIndex, because the user can dynamically add any number of fields in the middle of the form at some certain spots....
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    Hi everybody,

    I've never done anything with ExtGWT yet, but a lot using ExtJS.

    Actually me any my team, we are currently building a huge Web Application using ExtJS as presentation framework...
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    Glad to hear this :D
    Yes, I used the same account this morning and tried again a few minutes ago.
    But I don't know, if it worked, the POST-Request returned empty according to Firebug and I'm not...
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    I used the Sign up-Form this morning (at about 10h CET), but no answer yet... i'll wait and pray... ;)
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    Of course it's awesome for the Ext-Team and the whole Community! =D>

    For me, personal, it's... well... apparently NO week in Florida paid by my boss... :((
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    This is totally NOT awesome... :(
    I just got the OK to join in the ExtConference from my Project-Team-Leader yesterday, so that I could sign up today and now this!!! Weeks and weeks of overtime...
  10. I've added an additional Format to the Date-Object, so that these MS-style Dates may easily be parsed by Date.parseDate() for example or for a field definition in a JSONStore:

  11. Hi everybody,

    a CheckboxGroup is built using a panel (A) with column-layout with multiple sub-panels (B) as columns, which hold the checkboxes.
    If you have to work with the ownerCt of the...
  12. Hi everybody,

    I am working on a big application, using ExtJS as GUI Framework. Everything is build up as described for example here, here or here and is working really good.

    We have different...
  13. Hi everybody,

    I haven't found this anywhere in the forum yet, but maybe I missed some point.

    If you have a FormPanel with a CheckboxGroup as one of the items and you call isDirty for the...
  14. But they did! Only after resizing the browser (or viewport), but they did!
    AND I have added listeners to every column and to panel2 for "resize" and "bodyresize" with a console.log and both events...
  15. Thank you, I've read this before many times, but there isn't explained, why the "cascade" did stop after resizing the center region of my border layout, but did not stop after resizing the browser...
  16. hm ok thank you, now it works... :)

    but just to get it clear for me: is there are difference between window-resizing and panel-resizing?
  17. Hi everybody,

    i have built up a layout like this:

    viewport (layout border)
    -panel0 (west, split)
    -tabpanel0 (center)
    --panel1 (layout fit)
  18. Ok I'll try to reconstruct my way...
  19. (Of course) It works! Thank you so much!

    I crawled through my code and this forum and google for hours, but i didn't get it, don't ask me....

    But some strange thing is, that i'm sure 100%, that...
  20. Oh sorry! Didn't keep that in mind :D
  21. Hi everybody,

    Currently I'm working on a larger application, using the application design jsakalos proposes here.

    Everything works fine, events are firing as hell, all components are...
  22. Hi all,

    I want to do something like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    ToolbarSaveButton = new Ext.Toolbar.Button({
    id: 'button_save',
    text: 'Speichern',
  23. Ah ok, i see....
    I should try to search more intensively next time :-?

    I fixed it now, including a Javascript-File with the posted Bugfix.
    How is the SVN-Access for ExtJS working? I didn't find...
  24. Hi everybody,

    I'am a little bit irritated, because all dates I get via my XMLReader for my grid aren't recognzied correctly since I updated to 2.1.

    For example:


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