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  1. We use 4.1.1 GA in our project and we still have the problem.

    Due to our service implementation and performance issues we want to use a small page size (10) for our grids. This is fine, as long as...
  2. I am also interested in this problem. It looks like a bug.
  3. Thanks. It works!

    Does Ext team planning to include this in the next release? Or this is just an override(customization)?

    Once again thanks.
  4. I copied the code from the ext 3.0 .. just I added the "{1}" param as well in case of "j/n/Y A" parser function. (yes the method name is not correct sorry for that ) since these methods are created ...
  5. Okey it's has no time in it. But has a post meridiem. Which has "time information" = afternoon - until night. Not exact one, but it has.

    So it should be "1/1/2009 12:00". Because of the format...
  6. Hi.

    I found an issue around date parsing algorithm when using "j/n/Y A" format.

    Please find the code which reproduce the problem.

    var format = "j/n/Y A"
    var dateString = "1/1/2009 PM"
  7. Hello all,
    we are trying to implement D'n'D for a panel containing a set of subpanels. the dragsource and the target are identified correctly, but the notifyDrop on the target doesn't render the...
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    Is there any way one can render .dot graphs?( with Ext ?
    Or in the future? BY rendering i mean calculating the layout as well.

    Alternatively , is anybody aware of...
  9. Brian,

    Thanks for you reply,
    We where just expecting someone to move it , more than telling us to move it,
    it is a better service for us.

    But its ok , i'll move it

  10. Hello

    Is there any way one can render .dot graphs?(
    BY rendering i mean calculating the layout as well.

    Is anybody aware of good vectorial libraries with automatic...
  11. The order of the items in the 'list' are fine.

    My issue is that when that 'list' opens, the current selected items appears at the end of the visible items of the list - I did not found how it has...
  12. When clicking on a combobox - the list of items opens and the selected item appears at the bottom of the visible items - is that possible to make it appear at the top of the visible items?

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    When using the 'ctCls' with a form field element, the 'ctCls' is applied to the DIV (x-form-element) that is added around the actual form field during its render.

    Is that the expected behavior ?...
  14. Could you describe a bit how to add a layer over the grid for that events.
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    Thanks for the quick response, but unfortunately it does not help me for the moment. I forgot to mention that I'm searching for a JS based library. ;)

    Any other suggestions are more than...
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    I know that what I'm going to ask in the following it's not really related to ext, but maybe somebody has an idea and can help me.

    I'm implementing an ext based application. In some cases,...
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    I would like to implement BasicDialog drag and drop into a border layout.
    This behavior looks like what can be done with accordion and panels ,
    as shown here :...
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    We're looking to implement automated test on our thin client (built around Ext :D).

    Does anybody has an experience testing Ext applications, is there a better way ?

    We're checking with...
  19. Hello,

    A little help for the applyTo() :D


    PS: we just change our forum's username
  20. Hello,

    We are just impatient to be able to use the new "grid" that will be released with ext2.0.

    We're preparing a demo for end September for our stakeholders, are the grid, toolbar and layout...
  21. Thanks =D>=D>
  22. Hello,

    It's possible that a message box hides only a part of the page (given by a DIV) instead of the whole page.

    It would be handy so the menus would be still active
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    Thanks for the tip, I will try to compromise: using yui instead of ext, with the possibility of slowing down the application, but only until ext won't implement the features. Than I will probably...
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    Thanks Juan!

    Honestly, in this moment it seems easier to use YUI calendar than Ext DatePicker, for rendering. I hope that the Ext team will try to introduce the missing features soon enough.
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    I was also trying to find a solution for rendering dates separately, depending on some condition and i bumped into the same problem: by using ext datepicker you are not able to use different...
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