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    Something like the following would do it:

    <form action="select.htm">
    <select name="top5" size="5" multiple>
    <option>Michael Jackson</option>
  2. Running
    myList.onItemTap(itemToTap); works perfectly :-)
  3. Hi there,

    I have a nestedlist, which has a listchange event. On that event, I run

    function eventHandler(list, item) {
    item.items = new Array();
    item.items.push( { text: 'A', hotelID:...
  4. My mistake was somewhere else, but you still helped me figure it. Cheers!
  5. a) scrolling is set to 'vertical'
    b) the AJAX request triggering the alert is made well after the initial loading of the tabpanel I use
    Can you give me a simple example where is is used in a small...
  6. Hello there,

    when using Sencha Touch 0.93beta I get the error that the property scroller is undefined for both list and panel.
    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance and for the great community...
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