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  1. Yes i did found a solution.

    You have to use the latest library gwt-diagram, they have examples using arrows.

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    Hi all.

    Can we make a table or grid to be resizable together with a window or panel when we resize them?

  3. Sven my fix was to make a variable counter, to count the number of times the afterLayout is called, because everytime the LayoutContainer is calling the afterLayout the same number of times, for...
  4. Sven, i just noticed something with AfterLayout, i'm printing when afterlayout is called, and this was the result:


    it's fired 4 times, why?
  5. Sven, you're the best. It worked.

  6. Hi.

    When do i know all components of a LayoutContainer are fully rendered (fully rendered and positioned) ?

    I'm asking this because i have a LayoutContainer x and inside it i have a...
  7. Hi, i found the following issue in 1.2 upgraded to 1.2.1 and the problem persists.

    When i filter in the liststore it shows perfectly in the listview, if i try to filter also using the...
  8. Hi.

    I'm using the textarea, and every time i use the method getCursorPos is gives me the wrong position, at start if I'm at position 0 it says it's 4, and every time i insert a carriage return it...
  9. Hi.

    I'm trying to make a way to show up a panel at the position of the textarea cursor, for some sort of auto complete app on a textarea.

    Do you have any idea how to get absolute left, and top...
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    Well for the header it's like this
    cp.getHeader().setStyleAttribute("background", "#CCFFCC");

    but for the rest of the "dragon" i don't remember :S i think i did it once.

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    Sven meant to setLayout(new FormLayout) to the horizontaPanel but it will not work.

    This is my solution:

    (all inside a class that extends ViewPort)

    HorizontalPanel p = new...
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    Have you tried to add the textfield & label to a horizontalPanel or other panel, and then make that panel draggable, maybe that way all drags.

  13. Hi.

    As you can see in the code, I'm using a ContentPanel inside a LayoutContainer, the ContentPanel is draggable and when it passes the LayoutContainer border i want to show a scrollbar and...
  14. Your're right Koli. I forgot i can't downcast from super class to subclass. But i swear i did this in other languages other than java.

    I posted this because at the time, i tought it could be some...
  15. Hi thanks for your reply.

    I can't test right now your solution.

    But using inside MyContentPanel class super.head = myheader supposly will give the same cast error. Because you'r doing a cast...
  16. [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped
    java.lang.ClassCastException: com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Header cannot be cast to com.myapp.client.MyHeader

    the code

    MyHeader mh = (MyHeader)...
  17. Hi.

    I'm trying to cast Header to a Custom Header -> MyHeader class, but it doesn't let me.

    Even if the custom class is as follows:

    public class MyHeader extends Header{

    if i do the...
  18. Ok, got it. Thanks.
  19. Thank you, it worked.

    But isn't suppose to use css style? How can i know the name of the styles gxt uses then in setAttributeStyle?

  20. Hi.

    Why doesn't this work?

    menuDown is a VerticalPanel.

    menuDown.setStyleAttribute("background-color", "red");

    Shouldn't this make the panel background red?
  21. Well i know we can attach events to any widget, but I'm trying to attach events to a div that isn't a widget (and the link teaches how to sink events on widgets).

    I can get the div, using...
  22. Hi.

    I sometimes using the Constructor when i don't need to get the elements from the DOM, when i need to get the DOM i build inside onRender. The layout() doesn't workout very well for me inside...
  23. Hi.

    It's a div generated by a gwt-diagrams method, it's responsible to make the connection between components. I'ts a div composed by somewhat 6 child divs, responsible to emulate lines between 2...
  24. Hi.

    I can't test it now. But thanks for your solution.

  25. Hi.

    How can i get a DIV element and add a click listener to it? (the solution shouldn't involve removal or replacement of the div).


    P.s. I'm new to GWT and GXT, be patient please.
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