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    In the http://localhost/ext4pr/examples/grid/array-grid.js, line 88:

    columnLines: true,

    There is a "columnLines" config object of Ext.grid.GridPanel, buat in the API Docs this...
  2. Yes, here is I have a php file which will show a popup "Save as" dialog box to save the excel file:

    $filename ="myexcel.xls";
    $contents = "hello \t extjs \t sencha \t \n";
  3. @Jamie Avins
    No, I wont use the browser's standard print method (File -> Print), because that will print the chart along with the entire application layout (tabs, menus, header, footer, collapsible...
  4. Hi all,

    Yes, I am currently need a print ability of Ext.chart, is it possible?
    And also a feature to download (generate the chart as png/jpg image) the chart, is it possible?

    Thx before :)
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    Hi all,

    I use the latest version of this plugin, and I get this render result (click attachment link below)


    The red cross is the fail serie rendered.
    The orange bars are expected...
  6. it works! thx condor!
  7. @devtig: yes, i did.
    But, did extjs has a solution to solve this issue using some config object maybe?
    Or i have to manually encode/decode them from scratch?
  8. Simple, i have a data which is contains "<" and/or ">" character, for example:

    "group_id": "1",
    "group_name": "<Michael>",
    "cpu": "100.00"
  9. Ok, I will try

    But does the tabpanel has native config to handle this?
  10. Sorry no screenshot, but don't worry, this is easy to imagine.

    Say I have a tabpanel with 3 tab: 'Tab 1', 'Tab 2', and 'Tab 3'.
    And I access my app by URL: http//localhost/myapp/index.php

  11. Love it!
  12. *bump
  13. Hi all, i have a combo with json data such as:

    "success": true,
    "total_rows": 144,
    "root": [
    {"cust_name": "<MICHELE>"},
    {"cust_name": "HERONA"},
  14. Hi, all !

    Here is I have a couple data retrieved from the database in JSON format such as:

    "success": true,
    "total_rows": 10,
    "root": [
  15. I have a column chart that doesn't have any series defined.
    So is there any way I can built it according to the JSON results retrieved from the server?

    Thx before.

  16. Yup, I put a tooltip for each components, and I want to show those all tooltips with a single button click.
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    I got a problem in getting value of xField..

    I dont know why but sometimes when I mouseover the series, the xField (or this.x) value is correct (ex: 'product1', 'product 2', 'product 3', ...),...
  18. Oh God, my bad.. I didn't see the "getRawValue()" method.. LOL
  19. Here I have a code like this:

    xtype: 'combo'
    ,id: 'comboId'
    ,store: comboStore
    ,valueField: 'id'
    ,displayField: 'name'
  20. Would anyone help me to do dynamically creating column (via data from db) in gridpanel?
    or just referencing me to the another threads that posts same problem (and has been solved, ofcourse) ?
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    How do I configure Ext.ux.HighChart which has a dynamic series loaded from json?

    Here is my chart configuration using a static data:

    var myChart = new Ext.ux.HighChart({
    id: 'myChart'...
  22. @dan and @hendricks:

    Ok, I will try it, and report the results here.. thank you.
  23. then why I don't need added the align: 'stretch' option in the Ext-3.1.1?
  24. I notice this error right after upgrading from 3.1.1 to 3.2.0.
    To ensure myself, I downgrading from 3.2.0 to 3.1.1 again, and the layout is back to normal.

    Here is the codes:

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    Do I ask for a wrong thing? Or I just made incorrect term?

    Sorry for making you misunderstanding, but I mean I want the other members to post the solution plus its example codes, so I am...
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