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  1. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense in most...

    Thanks for the reply. That makes sense in most cases, but in the particular case, we're building a prototype of something that will not actually be a part of the actual product. Implementing it to...
  2. How would you do this? Attaching an Icon Beside Every X element?

    At the most basic form, here's what we're trying to do:

    LINK [i]

    Basically, to the right of each <a href>, add a clickable "information" icon.

    Ideally this would float on top of the page,...
  3. I found a solution, and if there is a more...

    I found a solution, and if there is a more elegant solution out there let me know.

    The problem is that this.btnEl is undefind in Ext.Button.autoWidth(). The workaround is in red.

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    Ext.tip apply as a sibling in the DOM

    In a large scale web application, I am attaching an Ext.tip to a div:

    var myTip = new Ext.Tip({
    id:"x-" + idShowBy,
    cls:sType + "-tip",
    floating: {
    shadow: false,...
  5. "." Character in XPATH - escape character?

    I have an XPATH similar to the following:

    It appears that Ext doesn't support the "."'/my/made.up',response) returns an empty response, while...
  6. Help Make This Code Simpler - Carry Over Combo Box Classes

    In a Combo Box, my HTML <option>s have XSL-applied classes for use when rendering the EXT ComboBox.

    for example:

    <option class="makeRed">OptionText</option>
    I know the HTML elements don't...
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