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  1. [OPEN] we are waiting just for this bug to be fixed

    After struggeling for a very long time, to try to get the performance better with phonegap we tried to compile our app with the native Sencha APP android compiler. Unfortunatly this new bug was...
  2. I agree that this is a Major issue...

    John, will you let me know when you have sorted it out?
  3. Apps and Groupnames dissapeared from my io userprofile.

    I created 3 apps in the io. Monolith, Draw Survey and Area Measurement. I also created 3 user groups: Tracker, Surveyours and Measurers, when i logged in again they were gone from my account and when...
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    Has anyone tried this in Sencha Touch 2.0?

    Has anyone done this in Sencha Touch 2.0? Does anyone have some artikel which i general explains what and how to port stuff from Sencha Touch 1.0 to 2.0?
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    Sencha Touch 2.0?

    Has anyone tried this on in Sencha Touch 2.0?
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    Port to Sencha 2.0?

    Are there any plans to port this functionality to Sencha 2.0?
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