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  1. Hi, ok, i found a solution for my Problem, the...


    ok, i found a solution for my Problem, the GridAppearance in the constructor of TreeGrid seems not to be used by the TreeGrid/TreeGridView, instead the default one is taken! (new TreeGridView...
  2. Problem with two different Grid-Appearances at same 'page'


    i defined 2 different grid appearances for two grids, that are displayed at the same time. But the last always overwrites the first created. Can someone see the mistake?

    It works fine with...
  3. GXT 2.2.4 - EditorGrid.reconfigure(TreeStore store, ColumnModel cm)

    The EditorGrid.reconfigure(...) method does not update/rebind the!
    I had to overwrite the reconfigure method:

    public void reconfigure(TreeStore<M> treeStore, ColumnModel cm)...
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