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  1. [FIXED] Not Fixed for PhoneGap/Cordova

    I still have to do this:
    showAnimation: null,
    hideAnimation: null,

    in MessageBox.js.

    Only for Phonegap, which means it must just be the webkit browser. But I was getting...
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    SenchaLogManager not defined

    Pretty sad when the best answer out there is 'don't upgrade Sencha CMD'

    I'm running That works. Latest install from sencha as of 8/11/13 fails for the above error. My build-impl.xml...
  3. [FIXED] using workaround

    using appglu's workaround in my code (took me a few months to get back to this project). Seems to be working great on a friend's HTC One.
  4. [FIXED] Sencha Messagebox and Overlay Problems on HTC One Browser

    Ext version tested: Sencha Touch 2.2, Sencha Touch 2.1 (in Phonegap)
    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome on HTC One (Android 4.1.2)
    Stock HTC One Browser (Android 4.1.2)
    Description: Sencha...
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    [FIXED] Building with Deft.js with Cmd v3

    Really had a hard time getting my one and only Sencha Touch project to build with Deft.js using Cmd v3 - Started typing this whole thing out and found a solution toward the end. So I'll post it...
  6. Same Issue with External js built in production mode

    I have the same issue as above. I'm using leaflet and wax to show maps. Works fine in testing mode and without building at all, but when I run using what is build by production mode, I get...
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