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  1. @ekraussNo, I never resolved the issue, I did find some threads where the same issue was reported with the buffered grid. it was the exact same issue only they believed it to be limited to the...
  2. I stripped the grid down to the minimum and I still have the issue

    Ext.define('myApp.view.grids.myGridName', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.myGridName',

  3. There isn't much to post it's just an vbox with a couple of grids.

    region: 'center',
    margin:'10 10 10 0',
    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
  4. I have this problem in both 5 and 5.1 where if I have grid with many rows and it's scrolled to the bottom or partway down when I update the store with load(). If the new data is just a few records...
  5. Is it possible to share the same store for multiple grids but to have a fixed local filter on a status column that is different for each grid.

    ie grid 1 status = 1
    grid 2 status = 2
    grid 3...
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    @greg.berry I think I've got it sorted now.

    I needed to add the listener to the ext.ajax like this:

    beforerequest: this.onBeforeRequest,
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    Thanks for the response @greg.berry

    That will work for catching the 401 response for a load call to a single store. what I liked about using this in extjs 4 was that it caught a 401 response...
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    In extjs 4

    I could set up an observable like this

    Ext.util.Observable.observe(;'requestexception', function(dataconn, response, options){
  9. Looks like you have to set up a writer like this :

    writer: {
    type: 'json',
    writeAllFields: true,
    root: 'data'
  10. In extjs 4 store sync sent all the params of a modified record. It seems now that only the params that have changed are being posted to my URL. is this the expected behaviour now in extjs 5?

  11. Update*

    everything works if I use the itemclick or the itemdblclick event instead.
  12. I have a function that fires when the selection in my grid changes.
    I'm using the selectionchange listener to call this function:

    itemSelected: function(grid, record) {
    var detailForm =...
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    Thanks @steffenk exactly what I was looking for.
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    The line chart with renderer example where they are changing the fill colour based on the direction of the data. There is no info in the details panel or in the source examples.

    does anyone have...
  15. Ok I was able to restore my development environment using some of the information here:

    I also have to update my...
  16. I made the mistake of upgrading as well. if anyone figures out how to downgrade ruby to 1.9.3 please let us know how you accomplished it.
  17. I am exporting a chart to php and I need the extraParams from my data store so I know what information I'm displaying. How can I post additional variables in the chart save request?

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    Does anyone have this working with summary grids. The plugin works great for me with standard grids but with my summary grids all I get are the headings.
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    How can I add items to an lbar from an external json file?

    with a menu I can do this:

    initComponent: function() {

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    Is there a way to remove all new records from a store. not all dirty records just all new records that have not been synced?
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    nevermind, this worked for me.

    editor.onBeforeRenderUI.add(function(ed){ ed.addButton('custom-id',{ 'class': 'my-css-class', title: 'custom button' });});
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    WHERE are you putting your setup function. I'm trying to add a button I tried adding a listener for setup but the function is never called.
  23. Can someone help me understand how would I go about adding a custom button to the toolbar? I just need to display the button there and be able to listen for the click event in the controller.
  24. I've moved the theme code to a separate file and I'm including it in the index.html rather than through the MVC and it compiles. That's all I needed.
  25. I have this in my app.js file : requires: ['Ext.chart.*'],

    in my viewport I have a a chart with the a custom theme;

    Ext.chart.theme.redTheme = Ext.extend(Ext.chart.theme.Base, { ...
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