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  1. Update: all added package files are now listed here:

    aaa2000: Hope this works for you as an alternative to the Sencha CDN.
  2. The full Ext JS 6.0.0 GPL version is now available on the cdnjs CDN, including charts!

    Some CDN links:
  3. I issued a pull request to the cdnjs GitHub repository to add the missing packages directory:
  4. CloudFlare has Ext JS 6.0.0 GPL on their CDN:
  5. For Ext JS 6, you can find it in templates/executive-dashboard.

    See also:
  6. Go to examples/executive-dashboard instead of build/examples/executive-dashboard.
  7. That works, thanks for the clear explanation!

    Go ahead if you want to move this thread to the Q&A section, then I'll mark your post as the answer.
  8. Animal described here that a store.reload() on a BufferedStore should only reload the range that is currently in view (+ buffer zone). However, recent versions will now always reload the first page...
  9. I tested the example on IE11, Mac Firefox and Mac Safari with good result so I thought it was solved since it didn't work before the GA.

    However, Chrome (both Win and Mac) still has the problem...
  10. You already asked the same question at the same time on SO:
  11. Replies
    The workaround isn't broken, the example isn't designed for clicking 'add record' more than once.

    If you click that button more than once you'll end up with multiple records having the same id,...
  12. Strange... The aforementioned examples run fine in the GA version, even without this override.
  13. Discussion continues in the Ext JS 5 Q&A forum:
    How to get an Ext JS Login Form that is browser autocomplete compatible?
  14. This should be turned into a framework example, or incorporated into the example Ticket App!
  15. The issue that Zdeno described is also reproducible on OSX Yosemite in Safari, FF and Chrome, using mouse or trackpad.

    Link to the 'Spreadsheet with checked rows' examples in the latest nightly...
  16. Did you already try this:
    Ajax login form with showing "Remember password" popup of the browser

    Looks interesting!
  17. This solution uses the logic that is normally used for drag & drop in the treeviewdragdrop plugin.

  18. Are the indexes in your treestore still OK after your action? Can you create a simple Fiddle?
  19. +1 for Sencha Cmd 'nightlies'!

    An Ext Js nightly without the accompanying Sencha Cmd is pretty much useless nowadays.
  20. Scrollbar when shrinking the window is not a bug. It happens because a container doesn't resize itself to the available space like a viewport can.

    Here's a Fiddle with the container nested inside...
  21. Inspired by your test case I made a new Fiddle using responsiveFormulas instead of responsiveConfig.
    It will just store the new active card for later use, if the card is not yet rendered. Ideally...
  22. It seems the framework tries to reconfigure the card layout when it's not yet ready for that. If I make my screen wider than 800 pixels and then remove the condition of width>800 from your Fiddle,...
  23. A workaround to get it to work correctly (no expand/collapse icon (+/-) in front of empty folders) is to set loaded:true on all nodes:

  24. Replies
    The itemSelector ux component has its own CSS file for the icons (ux/css/ItemSelector.css).
  25. Layout applies to the container's children. Set the layout and the split config at the parent level (the container).

    This should work:

    top = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
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