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  1. How to Do Custom Autocomplete function for ext Combobox

    Hi -

    I have an extjs combobox which has autocomplete enabled. Right now the matching is done by the starting of the list. I want to do a word matching in the full string rather than the start....
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    Thanks ! That link worked. I modified it to do...

    Thanks ! That link worked. I modified it to do sencha way. Here is what I did

    xtype : 'button',
    text : 'Export',
    listeners: {
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    Download file using javascript extjs

    Hi -

    I am having a link which if I paste to the browser asks me to download a file as xls. I want to call this url using extjs GET call. So that programatically I can invoke the download of the...
  4. Arg0n...

    Arg0n - Thanks.

    Basically, the JSON structure has lot of extra fields and parameters, which we don't want to use for the store. If the JSON format itself is fully different, and I would need to a...
  5. @sdt6585...

    @sdt6585 - I would love to see a code sample that I can use to override the load function.
  6. I am using ext 4 version. I solved this issue. I...

    I am using ext 4 version. I solved this issue. I found that this issue was coming when two records are there in the dataset. I appended extra data points on both sides with empty data and this got...
  7. Process extjs store proxy data after data received

    Hi all,

    I am using extjs sencha store for storing data. I make a proxy call to a web-service to get data. I refresh the data using store.load() function.

    Here is how I get the data when a...
  8. Scatter chart giving half circle when only one data exists

    Hi -

    I was using extjs scatter chart to plot bubble chart. I am seeing that when there is one record, the bubble is half and shown towards in the left most side. When there is two records, there...
  9. Changing the Axis title, when Legend is changed

    Hi - I have a question. After I render an extjs chart, customer click on the legend to show/hide different chart data.

    When I press the legend, is there a way, I also can change the "title" of the...
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    I got the issue..I was not giving the data in the...

    I got the issue..I was not giving the data in the order..I thought chart itself will assume the ordering based on the x and y axis. Looks like, chart renders the way we give the data to it..

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    Change the direction of Charts x-axis plotting

    Hi -

    I am using extjs chart and when I render the chart, I see that the x-axis is plotted from left to right in the decreasing order.

    ie, for 1 - 10, it show 10, 9, 8, 7 ,... , 1 , instead of...
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