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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.02a


    Html editorcleanHtml never actually removes the default value due to an absolute match check failure. since default...
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    Hi,thanks for the nice plugin/extension..

    for future versions can you remove the title default as would be good to not have to pass title: null or other such to overwrite the component's version...
  3. small update, I noticed that since the toolbar is not linked to the tab panel it's actually left behind in memory..

    Have added the following code to the listeners and this fixes it

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    Update to disable checking of nodes as well.

    * A plugin that provides the ability to visually indicate to the user that a node is disabled.
    * Notes:
    * - Compatible with Ext 4.x...
  5. Is there any updates to this issue. We're still seeing this issue in 4.0.2a

    Many thanks
  6. the discrepancy comes from the extension, ViewPort extends container etc all the way back to AbstractComponent which is where the renderTo lies.

    Easy way is to click the "Hide inherited" on the...
  7. Worked on a new version that now works within an mvc style app without breaking existing workings.

    Have updated my github with the new code.
    Basically when the 1st render is called it attaches...
  8. You asked the right questions though; and provided code samples.

    Took me a while to find the autoCreateViewPort:false for application as I've (mostly) converted the demo desktop into mvc style,...
  9. The main issue here is that you're using viewport which automatically renders itself to the document body.

    the other issue i see is that you're not telling application to not render the viewport...
  10. Seems my previous fix, fixes the toolbar but not it's container.

    Will investigate a fix.
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    Does anyone know of a way to make a panel hidden / collapsed and then show on a click (that's the easy part) but when it shows, it slides down over the top of another item like an OSX config panel?
  12. beavx420,

    if you replace the Ext.toolbar.Toolbar creation code with the following, it will then auto compute the width.

    me.toolbar = new Ext.toolbar.Toolbar({
  13. Thanks for your comment sureshsk, but it is off the topic of this thread.
  14. Hi, Not sure if/when will get a reply to this.

    Will investigate the issues and see what i can come up with and post it to my github account which can be found here:...
  15. definitely.

    the path the loader takes is exactly as typed

    so app.controller.users maps through to appFolder (defined in your app)/controller/users.js
    just like...
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    both models and stores can have proxies but if the form is using a store without any way of loading or without any base data.

    try moving the proxy from the model to the store. Since the store...
  17. make sure that the defined class name, the file name and the list all tally.


    users.js => userscontroller.js
    Ext.define('users') => Ext.define('userscontroller')
    controllers: ['users'] =>...
  18. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2a

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox 4 (firebug 1.7.3 + illuminations)

  19. Hi,

    noticed that the buttons were being left behind after destruction, so have added in a track for them.
    Also needed/wanted an additional class on the buttons so added option to pass that...
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