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    I commented out the cp.setCollapsible line in onInsert and everything seems to work fine.

    This really does seem like a bug in 3.0.1
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    Has this been submitted as a bug or is there something intrinsically incompatible with adding a contentpanel to an according after it has been attached?

    I built a data driven...
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    Has this been submitted as a bug or is there something intrinsically incompatible with adding a contentpanel to an according after it has been attached?

    I built a data driven...
  4. I have a VerticalLayoutContainer with multiple child that use layoutdata with height=-1. I am placing inputtext into each child and everything works fine.

    For one of the rows, I want to put 3...
  5. It looks like the site has been down since yesterday evening. Anyone know what is going on, if/when it will back online?
  6. You didn't give CommonStylesDefaultAppearance a constructor that takes a ClientBundle and you made the bundle and style properties private

    private final CommonDefaultResources bundle;
  7. public ListView(ListStore<M> store, ValueProvider<? super M, N> valueProvider) {
    this(store, valueProvider, new ListViewDefaultAppearance<M>());

    Shouldn't this be:
  8. I've been defining margins in layoutData of my uibinders. I assumed that I needed to do it there instead of in css, so that gxt can figure out sizes when doing the layout. But if that is true, I...
  9. Thanks for the clarification.

    Why not give ColumnModel a default constructor and an @UiChild addColumnConfig? I don't see any reason why the ColumnConfig constructors can't be given...
  10. It seems to make a lot of sense to define the ColumnConfig (widths, column header labels, autofit, etc) in the uibinder, but I don't see a way to do this.

    There is a @UiConstructor for Grid

  11. Wrapping in a VerticalLayoutContentLayout didn't help, but setting the HBoxLayoutContainer's hBoxLayoutAlign to STRETCH did the trick
  12. I have 3 columns in an hbox. The center column takes as much width as it needs, I.e. -1. The left and right column take the rest, I.e. 1.

    I want to add a label in the left column that is centered...
  13. I have a HorizontalLayoutContainer with a child layoutData that sets width="1". I want to use a CenteredLayoutContainer in the child. But CenteredLayoutContainer, set's its parent container to...
  14. I want the widgets that I add to a HBoxLayoutContainer to take all of the height available. In other container's layoutData, I would set height="1" to accomplish this. How can I do it in an hbox? I...
  15. CssFloatLayoutContainer works, i.e. the left is sized accoring to the width="-1" of the layoutData.

    <container:CssFloatLayoutContainer borders="true">
  16. I'm having a hard time figuring out how things within layout containers get resized.

    I started out with the Basically, it...
  17. I was looking for addStyleName in the GXT javadocs, but I now see that it is a special property of GWT.

    This works

    <container:BorderLayoutContainer addStyleNames="foo">
    results in
  18. I was hoping to layout my application using uibinders and then hand things off to a css person to make some small tweaks. I was planning on adding a styleName to all the things that will need css...
  19. I often need to add to a container and I want the children to be added starting from the right of the container's edge instead of the left.
    ContentPanel has a buttonAlign which I can set to...
  20. There is no TableRowLayout in gxt3. What should I use instead to get the same behavior?
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    I've ready many posts about this problem. I've never seen an answer that actually worked. Here is what is going on (at least in Ext 4.1)


    associationsMixedCollection = new...
  22. I had a problem in my reader. My response from the PUT does not include a successProperty. After setting successProperty to false in my JsonReader config, the saved record is updated with the...
  23. when sync does a POST to insert record, the data in the response seems to be loaded back into the record. I know this because the id field of the record is set after the sync.

    I was expecting this...
  24. mystery solved. I had a renderer which was calling getAddress. The getter will fetch the address. I changed the renderer to use the instance variable directory. i.e.

  25. I have a Contact model with a hasOne association to Address

    hasOne: [
    instanceName: 'address',
    associationKey: 'address',
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