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  1. You're definitely right, pdm. One of the most challenging things in using Sencha Touch, and ExtJS is debugging when something goes wrong. The errors thrown are basically in greek. This is really...
  2. Bonjour mon ami. Take a look at this post and in your getMap() function, where you define a new Ext.Map, copy/paste the geo object from this post:
  3. chemicaloli, in your Controller file you want to change
    Ext.getCmp('testMap') to

    Then everything should be fine.
  4. Thanks a lot, Harel. Works like a charm. I'm gonna up your reputation : D
  5. I've been trying to extend a store in this way for a while and haven't found any official Ext demos that feature a store which you can customize like so:

    Ext.create("", {urlParam:...
  6. The API docs for ExtJS 4.0 list a getStore method for the ComboBox component:

    But calling getStore() on a created ComboBox returns
  7. Replies
    Hey, you could do this:


    App.somePanel= new Ext.Panel({
    html:'<img class="expandedImg" src="http://somesite/someimage.png" />'

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