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  1. it should be noted that my fix assumes that we don't want the border to be included in the allowable area. This is what I would expect.

    I would suggest if you are thinking of making it otherwise,...
  2. The fix for this one looks pretty simple. I've only tested it within my use-case, however. There may be others I haven't considered.

    Line 536 of DDCore.js is currently:

    c = {x :...
  3. The constrainTo method for Ext.DD does not take into account its containers borders. Thus, if the container has a border, you can drag an element over top of the border on the top and left sides, but...
  4. This issue may exist in previous versions of Ext, but I am currently only working with the 3.0RC.

    This is only a border-line bug - given the definition, I don't believe this is behaving as...
  5. bah! Nevermind, it just dawned on me. I had the arguments in Ext.extend reversed, d'oh!

    Thanks guys ;)
  6. Thanks Condor. That worked nicely.

    Can you possibly explain why in my method it seemed as if the parent constructor ran before my configuration options were set? This appears to be the cause of...
  7. Why is the pattern no good?

    It is just allowing me to privatize things as I set up the grid. Can you elaborate on why this pattern isn't well suited?
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    It's a design pattern that I use for encapsulating private logic needed during the creation of a class. It could also be described as a design pattern for a constructor for a singleton, I guess? No...
  9. I'm attempting to create a re-usable grid component specific to my application. However, anytime I try to add a toolbar to the default configuration override inside of Ext.extend, I get a very...
  10. For me, the API has gotten easier to understand as I've used Ext more and more.

    The key thing to remember about the API (any any API, really) is that you have to match the functionality you are...
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    Attached is an extension that I have actually tested and am using in my current project. If you include the JS file and the CSS file, it will override the 'accordion' layout. So anytime you select...
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    Just to reiterate - your intentions and solutions are off.

    The whole point of an email being sent to the user is to validate that the email address is real. There is rarely any...
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    This solution should work fully.


    Ext.layout.Accordion = Ext.extend(Ext.layout.FitLayout, {

    fill : true,
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    Actually, my change doesn't really allow the configuration to work. The CSS won't work if you want to allow the collapse. You should edit this so it uses a different type of CSS designation and add...
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    Very weird, I was JUST running into the same exact issue. The problem is that when they are all closed, the headers move to the top and at first glance it appears that the bottom one is open but is...
  16. I know this is an old post, but I was looking for the same thing until I realized the obvious solution. I figured I would post it here to help the next guy along.

    You don't actually need to tell...
  17. The thread I posted describes the same issue, but the person who posted the thread fixed their code. They "fixed" it by not having the panel collapsed at render time. Sorry for any confusion there.
  18. It also appears that the following thread is regarding the same issue:
  19. I can also reproduce this bug with the following Ext sample:

    Simply add

    collapsible: true,
    collapsed: true

    to the nav panel as...
  20. I'm using FF 3.0.1, as well. Everyone that has tried this in the office has the same issue, so it's definitely not just isolated to my machine. It doesn't have to be a tab panel, either. The...
  21. Some additional information about this bug:

    It happens for both east and west oriented panels.

    It happens only when "callapsed: true" is set in the configuration - if it isn't collapsed at...
  22. I have stumbled on a specific behavior in FF3 (it does not occur in IE6, I am not sure about FF2) wherein if I have a Viewport with a border layout containing a north region and a center region,...
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    Thanks devnull, you've been really helpful. I'll use an alternate means of notifying the user.

    It would be nice if the validation methods for fields in EditorGrids could be more aware of their...
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    This actually works pretty well, but I can't seem to get a handle on the actual ComboBox once it gets to this point. So, I can cancel the edit but I can't mark the field invalid so that the user...
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    I have an editor grid with 2 columns. Each column has a ComboBox as its editor.

    I need a way to validate each ComboBox so that the first one cannot equal the second one and vice versa.

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