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  1. Hi everyone, on request I updated my article Packaging a Sencha Touch 2 application with PhoneGap for Android to explain how to make it work with 2.1. I did not read this whole thread but I got my...
  2. Oh, and for the "id" property, I have it there because the docs read as follows:
  3. So if it's considered an update (makes sense), and that instance does not exist yet, shouldn't it be inserted (what the function name add() suggests)?! That is what does not work in my example.

  4. My model and store are defined as follows:

    Ext.define('TestApp.model.Contact', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: ['firstName', 'lastName', 'id'],

    proxy: {...
  5. Ah wait, just remembered this: Can you try it with Android 2.3 or newer? It might be a problem with the emulator of version <= 2.2. See here for more info.
  6. I recently wrote a tutorial for packaging Sencha Touch and PhoneGap for Android. Could bet I stumbled over this problem before but I didn't have it with the approach described in the tutorial, so...
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    Found the problem:
    layout: 'fit' must be added to the parent of the list view, in this case the "Get Started" tab.
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    I can't get a simple list view to work. I created a new application and replaced the video widget in the second tab by the following code:

  9. That actually fixed the problem, thank you :) !!
  10. Building the unmodified example application (from "app create") results in an application that tries to load classes from sdk/src instead of just taking them from the big app.js file. The following...
  11. I have the same problem with App generation and the "sencha app build native" command work, but building/running returns with no output at all.
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