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  1. Hi, I'm with the same problem here. Did you found any solution about this ?
  2. After a while of testing different solutions, I got an idea to emulate a toolbar by disguising a panel with the x-toolbar-dark css from sencha, with the width and the appropriate height !

    If the...
  3. It's an annoying bug! In fact, I got it too ! I seem to isolated the problem where each time you call the update method on a toolbar to update a nested template, this error will show. I think, for as...
  4. Got the same problem here...what is this bug ?
  5. It's working great ! Thank you ! And by tweaking on my side, I found that I can declare a controller variable by calling, like in example, this.bob = 5, and then get that variable in another action...
  6. Well, is it possible ?

    I have a controller, which is populated by 2 actions. I have a variable (ex: var v= 5) in action A that I want to pass to action B, how do I handle this ?

  7. Did someone found a workaround for that issue ?
  8. It's great that you figured out !
  9. What kind of animation are you making? an ad or simply an animated image over some sort of panel ?
  10. I was able to control the animation by doing this:

    items: [ {
    html:'<ol id="AN-sObj-parentOl"><li id="AN-sObj-scene-0"><div...
  11. Hi andreacammarata,

    I'm planning to make the trail follow my touch. I would also only create the trail when the user touches the screen. On touch end, the trail array will be destroyed.
  12. Hi,

    I'm trying to implement in my sencha Touch App a cursor trail like demonstrated from that page:

    It's a javascript code, but...
  13. Simply Wow ! I though it was more difficult than that, but hey, it's brilliantly working !

    I can't thank you enough for your support !

  14. Hi,

    I'm making a sencha touch project where I try to use Node.js via websocket to listen to an event who will switch cards of one of my panel with panel.setActiveItem...

    Websocket receive...
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