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    Use to verify your json! It is not valid.
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    Nice, I think I must try this one out, thanks!
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    This is similar to my code. Except for the part. This should be loading by MVC, because you specified all your MVC stuff here:

    Here is my setup that works for me without warnings:

    // enable...
  4. Hi,

    In early version of Sencha if we use CardLayout we should manage the oldCards (inactive cards that are ot visible) ourself. They were present at DOM level (HTML) but not visible...

    In the...
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    You cannot do cross domain requests with AJAX. If you need this you have to use JSONP.

    See for more information:
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    Now that we have the 4.1 Beta out there for quite a few days, can we now get a estimate when the final release will be of 4.1?
  7. The Zoom on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (with android 4) works just as on a iPhone :-), So no 'plus' and 'minus' buttons...
  8. Hi,

    I'm using the Map class in my application and I also use the built in feature to detect the current location of the user. This works fine. Hower if the user want to zoom out and scroll to...
  9. Hi Mitchell,

    Does this mean that I cano use animation in your MVC example?
    Why is this working without animation and with animation it is not working?
  10. Wow! It helped me Mitchell. I removed the ID and added the ui property : (this is what you meant, right?)

    ui : 'dashButton',

    And in my controller:

    'button[ui=dashButton]' : {
  11. Hi guys,

    I'm trying to finish a sample app for my boss :-) by the 2nd of January :D.
    3 Screens:

    Google Maps with some markers that represents our properties, on marker click:
  12. I'm not completely sure if I understand your use case, but can set scrollable in a dataview?
    See link:!/api/Ext.dataview.DataView-cfg-scrollable

    You can alos...
  13. damn mitchell,

    as soon as I removed the layout with animation object from my view it is still fired twice but without errors and the oldCard was removed...
    So I think you are right, but why this...
  14. You did not read the documentation. You cannot connect directly to your database! Javascript is client side logic, and you can do an ajax request to an server side api (php, java, asp etc). The...
  15. Hi,

    I get this error when trying to remove the oldCard from the panel. I use the MVC example that Mitchel Simeons created. But I have a map, with a marker. When you click on the marker the Page.js...
  16. Hi Mitchell Simoens,
    can you please give a aprox time for Charts in ST2? One month, half year?

    Do we have any temp workarounds? I would love to make a prototype with ST2 and charts in it..
  17. Is this fixed in ST2??
  18. On the iPhone I zoom with two fingers.. like regular zoom on sites. But I have no 'plus' and 'minus' buttons on the map...
  19. Did you read / saw the beautiful Sencha Documentation??

    Start reading something about the data package:!/guide/data
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    I have a similar setup only I have instead of pos -> position.

    var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
    map : map,
    position :
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    This book is already published:
    Master Garcia is working on his second edition:
    This book is not finished yet but if...
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    Hi, I think you have to change the node with medthod goToNode or goToLeaf??!/api/Ext.dataview.NestedList-method-goToLeaf

    EDIT: Don't you need a Tree store...
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    Thanks. I would appreciate if you could have a look at my second question
    Thanks again.
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    I have the following code that show the Google Maps. The Maps will load the users location. I want to transform this location into a city name and therefore I need the current latitude and...
  25. This is the reason why the hours spent lead to nothing, thanks!
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