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    This happens even with Extjs Samples
  2. The solution is the following
    this.execCmd('InsertHtml','<br /><br />');
    this.execCmd('InsertHtml','<br />&nbsp;');
  3. Hi,
    I am using HtmlEditor. What i want is to find if there is any content after the cursor.
    That is, the focus is inside the HtmlEditor and the requirement is to find if there are any characters...
  4. The htmlEditor in Chrome behaves incorrectly.
    Lets say you enter the following test
    "Hello World"
    Place the cursor in front of "H" (in front of the "hello" word). Click enter.
    Two <br/> are...
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    When i select a row in gridpanel, it highlights the column where i clicked as well. This occurs in IE7 and IE8 as well.
    This highlights the text in the column
    How can i avoid text highlight?
  6. In my application i have several tabs. Each tab has a toolbar that contains comboboxes
    When i open up two tabs say tab 'A' and tab 'B' very fast (before tab 'A' finished loading i open tab 'B') tab...
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    I have a grid
    I select a row based on some criteria
    Only the first 10 rows are visible in the grid and in order to see the 20th row you need to scroll
    What i want to do is that once i...
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    I have tab which loads several panels using myPanel.getUpdater.update({...}) method
    The tab appears shows horizontal and vertical scrollbars and once i change tab and go back the scrollbars...
  9. I have a web application which contains many closable tabs
    The issue is that a may close the tab before it finishes loading content which happens asynchronously.
    The problem is that if i close the...
  10. I have a tab which has a gridPanel. I do not render the grid until a user clicks the tab. The gridPanel works with several stores. I use reconfigure to switch to a different store.
    The problem is...
  11. Hi,
    Sometimes form fields render twice in https.
    Form input fields appear twice.
    Could anyone give an advice
  12. email validation with vtype:email cause unresponsive script.
    It actually makes the broswer very slow
    In a textfield which has validation:vtype i do the following
  13. Thank you
  14. I have a panel which has a toolbar inside it.
    I am trying to render this panel in two divs with the same or different id but it does not work?
    It renders the panel in the first div only.
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