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    Heya, I haven't worked with GWT GXT for over a year now, but I think we used not Buttons but plain HTML with a link to solve this. So the Node's Label String was actual HTML code with the Label...
  2. Heya!

    This was quite some time ago :)
    However, I do remember that we solved this on a model-level, which means, we put an enabled flag on the model and whenever an element had enabled=false we...
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    This gave me some headaches, too. Thanks for your post. :)

    Another thing here:
    All our ComboBoxes have setEditable set to false, which resulted in the effect that all Comboboxes where practically...
  4. Thank sven, that's what I am doing at the moment.

    However, it would be great to have this implemented internally. I hope you can squeeze it in :)
  5. Sorry to push this thread, but I have not found any nice solution here, yet.

  6. Just for others who might run into similar issues, this is the working sample code:

    public class MainEntryPoint implements EntryPoint {

    class MyTabItem extends TabItem {

  7. Thanks, using FitLayout was crucial, but also to use a Viewport. :)

    Attaching the ContentPanel directly to the RootPanel and not using a GXT Viewport will result in a wrong layout, too.

  8. Hi,

    I have an application which I would like to update to the newest GXT and GWT version.
    I am using:

    GXT 2.1.1 (also updated css)
    GWT 2.0.2

    My application does have some nested TabPanels...
  9. Sorry, wrong Forum!

    Could you please just delete/ignore this post?

  10. Hi,

    I have an application which I would like to update to the newest GXT and GWT version.
    I am using:

    GXT 2.1.1 (also updated css)
    GWT 2.0.2

    My application does have some nested TabPanels...
  11. Hi,

    I have a TreePanel with checkable items but as soon as I apply a filter to the TreeStore, all items automatically get unchecked and the user has to check them again. Is there any possibility...
  12. Thanks sven, works like a charm!

    Just one small thing: The horizontal scrollbar disappears as soon as the "long item" is not displayed anymore, so the scrollbar keeps appearing and disappearing...
  13. Ok, I just found out that the code works fine with IE. So it might be a Firefox-specific problem?
  14. Hi!

    I hope you guys can help me to figure out why this code is not working properly.
    I am trying to render a TreePanel with some items which have long texts on it, so I would expect some...
  15. I would like to enable/ disable items on my TreePanel on certain occasions.

    This means that they should appear grey and the check box is not clickable anymore. This was easily done by just setting...
  16. Yes, changing my superclass to BaseModel was all I had to do. I had monitorChanges set to true already.

    Thanks again, you really helped me a lot!
  17. Thanks for your quick reply! - next time I will be more cautious before posting in Bugs :-)

    I was not aware of the fact the BaseModelData does not fire events, nor could I find any useful hints...
  18. When using a TreePanel and changing the text field of the BaseModelData, the displayed text on the tree item is not updated.

    Web mode
    GXT 2.1.1
    GWT 2.0.2
    Firefox 3.5.8

    Sample code:
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    Jepp, I saw this in the TreeGrid already. Especially the GridCellRenderer is exactly what I need. However I hoped there would be a solution for TreePanel because I don't actually want a Grid for...
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    Ok, sorry to push this thread, maybe my question was too complicated:

    Is there a way to have TreePanel using Widgets as items instead of the internal plain Model?

    I would need my tree items to...
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    I am using an UTF-8 encoded XML file which contains all translations for labels in my GXT-App. The file is stored on the server and my application retrieves them on startup. The user can then easily...
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    I just moved from GXT 1.x to the newest GXT version.

    I have a rather severe issue with the new TreePanel implementation as I need to have "special" TreeItems on my tree which do not only...
  23. Same issue here.

    Also, double-clicking a leaf item on a tree displays the browser's context menu...
  24. Ok, I tested both:

    Solution 2 does not work as if a first-level item has changed i have to update the root (because the children of the root are the first-level items) and therefore have to update...
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    I have a similar problem.

    As far as I am concerned there is no way to give the TreeBinder an advice which items out of the TreeStore should be shown on the Tree. Which is exactly what you (and I)...
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