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    is it possible to add a GWT component inside an iframe? I was browsing through the forum for some time and I managed only to retrieve the js reference to the element. Unfortunately, adding any...
  2. hi,
    why the selection change in comboBox is not triggered on keypressed (as in the regular html select tag)? Is it a bug in the code, or should I set some option to true/false (if so, which one, as...
  3. thank You once again, works correctly, sorry about the mess
  4. this is the expansion of the topic

    after synchronizing with svn, validation icon vanished completely. To force it, I have to add visibility: visible;...
  5. thx, i'm going to test it now
  6. Hi,
    I have a problem with vanishing validation icon from formPanels. At first everything is ok. When I enter correct data inside the form then the validation icon disappears. But after making an...
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