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  1. No ... i'll try now

  2. Problem happens when the tabs container's height is defined with % and not pixels.

    Here is a simple code :

    public class TestCase implements EntryPoint {

  3. I have created a test case - how can i upload it ?
  4. i will try and create a test case shortly
  5. Hi

    I created a simple application using a DockLayoutPanel. The height and width of this panel are set to 100%.

    Now i'm adding a PlainTabPanel to the center area of the DockLayoutPanel.
  6. Hi

    I have a grid with 8 columns - each formatted using Cells.
    The grid is set to present the column lines.
    The columns lines are not aligned with the headers - there is a very minor "shift" in...
  7. Thanks
  8. i tried adding width to the grid :


    but it did not help.

    In addition - i'm not sure i understand why do i need to explicitly set the size - shouldn't the grid take...
  9. I'm not setting any width on the grid nor on the panel that contains it.
    I have a VerticalLayoutPanel (original code was using FlowPanel - same problem) - and i'm just adding the grid to it.
  10. Hi

    Using gxt 3.0.1 - i'm creating a simple grid providing a GridView object where the autoFill is set to true.
    I'm adding the grid to to my panel - but the grid columns are not using all the...
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    Unfortunately - My experience so far ... I'm not receiving answers in the support system.
    This forum is a great help - i get very fast answers - and there is a lot of information i can learn from....
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    Will i get updated when this bug is fixed ?
    It is a major bug (especially the date limits)0 - that we must fix for our product release
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    I'm using gxt 3.0 and found a few major problems with the date picker.

    I create a simple project and added a date picker in the entry point :

    public void onModuleLoad() {
    DatePicker dp...
  14. Thanks for your fast reply on this matter.
    My name is Inbal and i'm working with Ilan on this project.
    I will try to better explain the problem we are facing (creating a small app is not simple).
  15. Hi

    I am trying to implement a tree grid that will support server side paging and sorting based on the parent nodes.
    My tree presents 3 levels - both inner levels (children) are loaded on demand....
  16. Hi

    I finally find a solution that works.
    I set a specific Id on all content panels that should be placed in the center area - and used the ViewPort.getItemByItemId to remove the loaded panel...
  17. Hi

    I've been using GXT for the last 2 month to develop a small desktop-like application - and so far i am very pleased with it !!!

    After looking at the examples and searching the forum - I need...
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