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  1. Instead of enter can I make Next button highlight as soon as user finish entering details in form?
  2. If possible please send any Example for same.
  3. I am using card layout for wizard, I have put button control at bottom.
    Buttons are "Next/Pre/Cancel".

    I would like to have Next selected or focus as soon as I filled or complete the form. So I...
  4. I have textfield, inside text field I am entering number value. e.g 123456. I want to change "4" to "2", when I try it using arrow key by pressing left arrow key button, the cursor does not move to...
  5. I am using xtype:'checkcolumn', I need to get the count of changes done on the checkbox. It means if suppose the checkbox already checked and I uncheck it I should get count as 1, and when i checked...
  6. But I need to replace it wil the radiobutton, please let me know if any workaround is there.
  7. I have treeepanel used in my wizard window. Currently there is checkbox set to select the item, but as per new requirement I need to replace it with radiobuttons. How to do it.
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