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  1. I just debugged and IMHO it cannot work.

    Have a look at the following function that is called to create the request:

    getRecordData: function(record) {
    var isPhantom =...
  2. Hi,

    I´m not able to save nested data with data package. Ext JS does not seem to support this.

    This is my model

    Ext.define('ux.model.Profile', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [...
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    because I have more important things to do. Theming at the moment has priority 2 on a scale from 1-10. I just wanted to mention that there might be a theming issue that the Sencha team didn´t notice...
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    When using SASS and compass to create my own ExtJS 4 theme the minimize, collapse, ... buttons of panels and accordions disappear as soon as I embed

    @import 'ext4/default/all';
    into my scss...
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    Have a look at this thread. I also had a curious error at the beginning. With this tread I figured out that I had a problem with the directories: $ext_path in config.rb

    Regards Helmut
  6. It works.
    Most times the problem sits in front of the computer. I forgot to set the profile to default.

    Thank you very much.
  7. Did anyone succeed in using Spket with ExtJS 3.3.1 and STS 2.5.2?

    I´ve installed Spket 1.6.18 as Plugin
    Then created a JavaScript profile for ExtJS like described at the Spket homepage

  8. 25171

    as you can see in the screenshot above my server returns "success: false" but the operation success property is set to true.
    Therefore my success handler rather than the failure handler is...
  9. after working some time with the new ExtJS 4 data package I´m getting more and more frustrated. I have to develop workaround all the time (see thread about form/model binding). By now I´m thinking...
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    To fill the model from the form there is the method Ext.form.Basic.updateRecord. This, as far as I remember, works for simple bindings (form field name == model property name) only.

    It does not...
  11. There seems to be an error in the method. The --> marked line of the source below throws an exception because operation.getRecords() does not return an error.
    Reason: My backend...
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    as I already mentioned I know (and use) a workaround but it would be nice to have such a format pattern option.

    Date. toUTCString() does not return a nice userfriendly string and with...
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    The first attempt wasn´t successful. Will hopefully have more time to spend on this tomorrow.
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    is there a way to define the format of a date (datefield/timefield) so that the UTC date/time is displayed?
    I´ve calculated the diff of two dates and return it as date object. In my display field...
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    I´ve just had a look at the ExtJS 4 source code and I can´t imaging that this will work. The loadRecord method calls setValues and this method just tries to set the values of the form fields. So far...
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    A model is more complex than a record. As far as I know a record is just a flat collection of fields. A model can furthermore contain associations. So a model can be a huge object tree.
    BTW the...
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    In the comments of the blog about the new data package Ed Spencer mentioned that it is or will be possible to bind form data to a model (s. below).
    I can´t find more details in the API docs. Is this...
  18. ??? don´t understand your last reply evant.
    This may be caused in my bad javascript know how. Can you explain in some words what I´m doing wrong and what I should do instead?
    Sorry for those basic...
  19. This is not fixed with PR2.
    The timefield parsing should also be the same as the datefield parsing as mentioned above. See this thread for details
  20. I´ve downloaded PR2 today and tested again. No success.
    When I debugged I noticed that the tools array is not enclosed in the components that are browsed through so the query function cannot find...
  21. O.k. I´ve refactored from id to itemId. Thank you for the hint I wasn´t aware of that.

    But I don´t really understand that I have to use closeAction = 'hide'. The dialog is used very seldom and so...
  22. I´m using a Window as modal dialog:

    Ext.define('SO.ux.client.UserAddUi', {
    extend: 'Ext.Window',
    title: 'Benutzer hinzufügen',
    width: 600,
    height: 300,
    minHeight: 300,
  23. how can I find an item of the panels tools array via ComponentQuery?

    This is my panel:

    xtype: 'panel',
    region: 'west',
    collapsible: true,
    collapseFirst: false,
  24. maybe this is already fixed with this issue but it seems to be slightly different:

    I have a TimeField...
  25. Thanks a lot.
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