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  1. Well, is this means that scriptag is no longer supported?
  2. Well, JSONP Proxy may be have similarity, but I don't think this is 100% do things the same way. JSONP Proxy needs to put a callback. Scriptag does not.
  3. I read TeaGrams open source project. It's really good example of how to use Sencha Touch. And TeaGrams uses scriptag proxy which consumes Instagram API. But I hardly found a way to do so in Sencha...
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    I tried to add

    .x-button .x-button-icon .x-icon-mask {
    width: 48px;
    height: 48px;
    -webkit-mask-size: 48px;
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    Thanks. I will try it.
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    Sorry, I really am newbie at anything. Could you please point what should I do, some snippet would really help.
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    Hi, I use this code to create a button with icon on it:

    xtype: 'button',
    width: 72,
    height: 72,
    icon: 'res/icons/fire-icon.png',
    centered: true
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    Yea, mine too :D
  9. OK,
    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    Can't wait till it's available. I need to work with it.

    Amri Shodiq
  10. Hi all,
    I just learn how to use Touch Charts. Yes I've learn something from the examples. But I find that these examples uses old style constructor. They uses something like this

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    Hi Ben Major,
    Thanks for sharing the code. I tried it my self. It works like as a grid like you said. I'm able to reproduce the look like yours minus the icons and the css for the label.

    By the...
  12. Thanks Stan229,

    I added these lines to my List

    listeners: { itemtap: function(list, index, item, evt) {
    alert('Index: '+index);
  13. Hi everyone,
    I try to learn Sencha, and I have difficulties in learning it, because I'm stupid I guess.
    I'm implementing a simple RSS reader. I create a PHP code to parse RSS feeds so I can use...
  14. Hi Mitchell,
    Thanks for your prompt answer.

    Yes, that's right, is just the same file which I use with rest proxy. Is that the problem? If that's the case,...
  15. Hi friends,
    I started to learn Sencha 3 days ago. I found this framework is really cool. Right now I'm trying to understand how Data Proxy work, so I wrote a simple code based on the tutorial.
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