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  1. Thanks for the reply!

    I've tried disabling selinux and get the exact same problem as before.
    It seems my issue is somewhere else..
  2. Hi folks, I downloaded both the 32 and 64 bit versions for linux but none of them actually work (my laptop runs 64 bit fedora 12). When I fire up SenchaAnimator I get the splash screen telling me to...
  3. While debugging something complicated I managed to break down my problem to the following very simple code:

    var Klass = function( ){ };
    Klass.prototype.success = function( response, request )...
  4. Bump :)
    Just in case somebody can enlighten me :)
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    What I ended up doing is changing to a DataView and adding a toggle button that changes the template of the DataView instance. This works very well and quite clean.
  6. With 2.2.1 my FormPanels with animCollapse: true were nicely sliding down and sliding up when collapsing/uncollapsing. Now with 3.1.1 they either don't do this at all or do it so fast that it looks...
  7. Thanks very much, that exactly does what I had in mind!
  8. I have a DataView with an XTemplate defining how each row should look like. In the XTemplate there are elements that I later would like to select with To be specific, I have <div...
  9. Thanks a lot Condor, this is exactly what I was looking for!

    I was trying things along these lines but never got the right combination of config options and such :)

    Thanks again.
  10. Yeah, I can RTFM, which I did prior to posting the question :)

    The problem is that I nevertheless can't add this Editor thingy to a 'div' element and I haven't seen an example anywhere where an...
  11. I'd like to have the ability to edit some text in a 'div'. The functionality I'm looking for is similar to a grid editor but there is no grid at all anywhere, only some text in a 'div'. I should be...
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    Yes, this would be great!
    Please post it somewhere so it is freely downloadable.
    Thanks a lot!
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    Related question (and yes, I have read the 3.0 blog posts): is there, or will there be, a 2.2 -> 3.0 migration guide? This would be very useful I think. I also have a 2.2 application and would like...
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    Any new info on available conference material?

    I would be perfectly happy with slides which I guess don't require any editing.
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    As far as I know Ext 3 will come with some plotting tools/utilities.
  16. While looking at the QuickTips documentation I noticed that tag attributes can be defined that will be automatically parsed by ext (things like ext:qtip, ext:qwidth, etc, etc). Since this is a useful...
  17. Thanks a lot, works indeed!
  18. And similarly, "s.each is not a function". :-? :-?
  19. Thanks for the reply!
    But it seems this doesn't work:

    var s = 'a.clickthis' );
    s.on( 'click', some_callback );

    throws "s.on is not a function".
  20. According to the API docs returns an array of matching elements. According to the same docs an element has an "on" method for setting event listeners. So I'm surprised to see that...
  21. I see, thanks again. I thought there are only posted example code there, but now I'll look more closely through that whole section of the forum.
  22. Thanks a lot, this indeed solves the "examples" part of the question.
    Still, I would be interested to see real world sites with real world applications using ext.
  23. I went through the list and randomly selected 5-8 of them to check out how they use ext on their website but unfortunately I haven't found any trace of ext on...
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    Sure. I was just surprised since most open source projects that release code in an open source way usually also grant read only svn access (or whatever version control system they use), i.e. there is...
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    Oooops, we have to pay for read only svn access? Why is that, it will be released so anybody can download it, so what sense does it make to not allow read only svn access? (excuse my naivete)
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