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    Seems to be fixed with RC2.
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    Cool, great fun. I am checking for an item state and change it... it awesomely loops and gets into his old state because of this. As I said, great fun.
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    Any help would be apperciated. This bug is so lame. I use many listeners and I get this all the time. It really screws me over.
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    I tried 500ms as well. Same result.

    PS: Same with 2000ms
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    I know this is a common problem but I can't make the proposed solutions work. Here is my code:

    listeners: [{
    event: 'updatedata',
    buffer: 50,
    fn: function(Container){
    // Fires...
  6. Meeeh.!/api/Ext.dom.Element-property-dom
  7. I actually do have some knowledge by now. I am working on a project for 2 weeks now and I made quite some progress. But sometimes such simple things can suspend you for hours. It's OK for complex...
  8. I wonder if there is some kind of maximum number of questions. I didn't receive any answer for my last 5 topics. Is this really so hard in Sencha?? I mean seriously, this should actually be the...
  9. Hey guys,

    I was wondering how to query a DOM element in Sencha and connect it with a function on tap. In my case I want to give table data events an on tap modal. The table in a tpl with...
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    Let us know when you made progress! I would be interested too.
  11. GOSH! Why the hell do the administrators here don't stop pointing out the we shouldn't use Ext.getCmp and should use freaking Ext.ComponentQuery instead? Ext.getCmp worked like a charm. I spend...
  12. Here is the homeContainer definition btw.

    xtype: 'container',
    flex: 3,
    id: 'homeContainer',
    layout: {
    type: 'card',
    animation: {
    type: 'slide',
  13. Hey guys,

    when I ComponentQuery a container I do receive the object that also contains the _activeItem property but there are no setters and getters set for activeItem. I know that it works when I...
  14. Could it be that this is impossible????

    I wonder about two alternatives now.

    1: I set a detailCard for third level that actually contains a list that gets filled.
    2: I don't use a nested list....
  15. Hey guys!

    I wonder how to add a child node dynamically from a store on itemtap. I got a filled store ready for rolling out. I just wonder now how to implement and load it. Here is the my nested...
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    Hey guys,

    I ran into another problem during my app development. I wrote a custom Proxy that collects a huge resultSet with thousands of entries. The result is kept in a store and passed to a...
  17. Thanks for your reply. I think I got the basics of Sencha already. This question concerns an app I am currently developing. And ofc I have models,stores,views and controllers setup.

    I am actually...
  18. Hey guys,

    I have a question about nestedLists. First of all I want to fill my nestedList with JSON data. Let's say my JSON looks something like this:

    { "Group": [{
    "Id": 1,
  19. Pfff. Didnt place the data within config:

    Ext.define('', { extend: '', requires:['MyApp.model.SomeModel'],

    storeId: 'SomeStore',

  20. Hey guys,

    I am trying to set up a very simple store. For some reasons the store never contains data when I use console.log on it.

    Here is the example:


    Ext.Loader.setPath({'MyApp' :...
  21. Well, that's a stupid question as both are Null by default. Now I wonder how I can alter the checkbox by extending it by another config parameter to pass in another parameter for an individual icon...
  22. Hey guys,

    I would like to extend the Ext.field.Checkbox with some additional data and a custom tpl. Before that I would like to have a look on the default values of these configs. Anyone has a...
  23. WHAT THE...!!! OK I found out a solution.

    In my controller config I added a ref like:

    refs: { homeMainBtn: '#homeBtn',
    containerVar: '#mainview'

  24. I also tried the following:

    launch: function() {
    Ext.create('Compare.view.Main', {id: 'whatever'});

  25. I actually would like to run the setActiveItem within my controller event. Brief example:


    name: 'MyApp',

    views: ['Main'],
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