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    Yes it also works with extjs5.All overrides are only needed for Ext4 (ext.4.2.1) so you can delete them.I don't have made a package yet, so you may have some problems if you want to compile it. But I...
  2. If you are still interested in a date range picker..... I wrote one:
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    The daterange component allows you to select a start and an end date -> A "Date range"!

    It has many cool features under the hood, which might be useful ;)

    Here are some examples:...
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    It is still the same in ext js 5 (package: ext-charts)

    Looks like there is a problem since ext 4.2, which is still not solved =(
  6. Charts-kitchensink is still using "ext-charts".

    To reproduce the problem, just change one sprite of xt-\examples\charts-kitchensink\app\view\charts\draw\Sencha.js to draggable:true and...
  7. Ext.application({ name : 'Fiddle',

    requires: [

    launch : function() {
    /* //Ext js 5 version: not working. Package: "sencha-charts"...
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    Ext.ux.DynamicReader understands now following json string

    fields: [
    {"name":"Data", "type":"Date"},
    {"name":"Test", "type":"Boolean"},
    columns: [
  9. No, I don't use bootstrap.js. I'm only using app-all.js.

    Sorry man, I don't know what your problem is...
    But you can try to get an app-all.js which is not compressed (like all-classes.js)....
  10. A better workaround is to use another variable name like "mySplit" (how creative ;) )!

    js-impl.xml file:

    <x-is-true value="${mySplit}"/>

    Of course you have to set somewhere (e.g....
  11. Yeah, you are right, we are both need just the .js file.

    Do I understand you correctly that the build process (with sencha app build) is working correctly and producing a .js file?

    I probably...
  12. Yes it was a typo (I have edit my previous post...)

    This slide show (Sencha Cmd Quick Start) is a good overview and helped me to better understand the whole process.

    Sencha tell us following...
  13. Csegota, I still don't know what the id in the app.json is good for...

    But, I got my existing app compiling with the new sencha cmd tools :D

    Here is the guide I was looking for: ...
  14. I want to split framework and app code!

    This is what the parameter enable.split.mode is designed for.

    Code from js-impl.xml:

    <x-is-true value="${enable.split.mode}"/>
  15. I'am also very interested in this topic.

    Until now I have always build my app with the Sencha Cmd V2.0 tools. (sencha create jsb AND sencha build)
    I'm a little bit disappointed that there is no...
  16. Have you tried to set the focus?!/api/Ext.dom.Element-method-focus
  17. Hi,
    I have a grid with the groupingsummary-feature!

    One column is a date column, and in the summary I want to display the min and the max date! (e.g. from 18.11 - 25.11.2012)
    I thought, this...
  18. Hi,
    are you using the datejs framework??

    I had also Dates where I got a "RangeError"! In my case it was my fault, because I inculded unintended the datejs library twice! (It is also a problem if...
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    Hi again!

    Here is my solution, to hide/show nodes in a TreeGrid! I am using good old CSS (display:none) to hide/show nodes in a TreeGrid...

    The question is, how to apply it just to the nodes I...
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    Ahhhhh.... Okay, I've got it!! Thanks!

    It is still a little bit frustrating, that it is not standing in the documentation! Like: "Hi, I am inherited but not implemented!!"
    Everytime I want to use...
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    This is not ture anymore!

    In the docs of ExtJS 4.1.3 there is config option "filters"!

    You can pass filters with the config to...
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    Since Ext JS 4.1 filter should work for TreeStores.... For me it dosen't work at all!

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
  23. Hi,
    I am still using VS 2008 to change a little bit in the ext-all-debug-w-comments.js....

    I added following line on the top of my js-file (like all the other...):

    /// <reference...
  24. Hi,

    I also tried to combine treegrid and the grouping-feature....

    If you add this code to the above example you see the grouped treegrid, without activating it manually...

    view =...
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